Celluria and Bellapure / unauthorised amounts

1 South Africa
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Phone: 0800992942

On (Essential Beauty) they offer Beauty products FREE trails and you pay only for shipping cost. What they do not mention on this Facebook ad (no terms and conditions are given) is that they give you a 14-day trail . If order is not cancelled before the end of trail period, on the 15th day (some people live in different countries which means parcel are delivered to late, never or near trail period) you are charged R1, 087.00 and you'll receive a new supply monthly in 45 days from date of order for a charge of R978.00 (R70.00 s&h) reoccuring monthly until cancelled.
When you realise what is happening and phone company to cancel the call ends up overseas somewhere and you speak to someone with does not understand english very well. They also does not respond to you e-mail.
You can not stop the orders and payments go of your account without notice .
Credit Card division can only cancel payments after you place complaint with them. Should merchant debit your account after date of complaint they will assist.

Celluria and Bellapure

Aug 20, 2014

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