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Cellular South / Customers.

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Ok. I used to work for cellular south, and i would like to say all you people who call in, not understanding what is going on, who yell at us, insult us, make our call times long (which can get us fired) gives us bad surveys when we did everything to help you (which can get us fired) and are rude, you are ignorant, stupid, and clueless people. I understand being upset, I understand yelling. But i also am adult enough to understand WHOM to be yelling at. If we say we cannot do something, WE CANNOT DO IT, if we say that a policy is shafting you, WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, because here is some reality. We dont get paid enough to give a crap about cellularsouth. We do not agree with most policies, and have absolutelly no power to do anything about it. We are tired of getting yelled at because a different rep was rude, or wrong (which many times they aren't and are accused of being anyway) Im tired of people who get a 500 dollar phoen and then are suprised when it breaks it costs alot. I am tired of people WHO ONLY TEXT AND CALL buying blackberry phones. Heres a hint, ALL PHONES HAVE PROBLEMS! Manage your risk by not buying a 500 dollar one. Especially if you only use it for talking and texting.
Im tired of people who dont accept WE DONT HAVE A MANAGER. It happens, deal with it.
Im tired of people who are stupid. We know that sometimes its hard to understand a bill, but just because you are dumb, does not mean that you should yell at us.
Some times, we REALLY DO feel bad for you, and wish we could help, but we are friggen pawns!!! We can't do anything! jus be gratful we are giving correct info, even if its bad.
Im tired of people not understand that if YOU Go 400 DOLLARS OVER YOUR MINUTES YOUR PHONE WILL BE TURNED OFF.
or people wondering why their phone hasnt been turned off WHEN THEY HAVENT PAID A BILL FOR 4 months!!!
WE ARE PEOPLE!!! We are forced to say things to not get fired, we are forced to act plastic, we are forced to give you bad news.
And sometimes, all I want to do is tell you you are a ###, and hang up.

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  • Wh
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    So I googled "how long before rebate from cell south is sent" and this site seemed it could be what I was looking for. Unfortunately there were no answers to my question, just BS. And the BS I'm referring to is the comments from MaddMack and csouthblows. I would first like to mention that I have never, nor will ever, work for Cellular South. Not from the mindset of you two, but because I wouldn't want to deal with customers like you two, or anyone else that Iamjustme is talking about. I do work in retail, so I know how the general public can act. The problem does not lie with Cellular South. The problem lies with the ignorance of the people who walk into or call Cellular South. My second thing I would like to mention is that I have been a Cellular South customer for almost 10 years. So I have some validity to understanding the way the company works on a customer level. So what's the problem people? The fact that someone who had once worked there wanted to get some things off his chest and maybe enlighten people of their ignorance? More power to him for doing it. And there is never any reason for someone to deal with hostility or anger in retail, or any other type of environment. The customer is mad, angry, upset, etc., but that does not give them the right to treat someone else with attitude and hostility. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. So if you raise your voice, would you like the rep to raise his too? So if you feel like getting angry and telling the rep what you think of the company, or how they are doing business, can the rep tell you what he thinks of you and how you live your life? What gives you the right to loose your temper and say such rude things to someone you don't even know, or that's trying to help? You don't have the right. It is not okay to treat people with such disgust. Does it make you feel better to snap and yell and say bad things to someone? And this someone has no pull whatsoever in the company, this someone cannot change anything. So you yell and get angry over what? The only thing it shows is your ignorance and inability to handle a situation. The problem is that most people are stupid. And in retail, that's how you have to treat customers: like they are stupid. Not in a condesending way, but in an educational way. But most of the time they don't care. They want to be angry and want you to fix it to what they want, and if you don't, here comes the temper tandrum. Retail should not have to be a day care, and just because you don't like something, it doesn't give you the right to throw a fit. Retail is a place where adults come to buy items from a business. If you happen to not like the item you bought, or the people who sold it to you, there are other companies out there you can choose from. So kudos to Iamjustme for telling it like it is, cause the truth hurts to these simple minded people, and it sucks you had to deal with so may clueless souls. And as far as MaddMack and csouthblows goes, get over it and yourselves, because its not retail employee's responsibility to have to deal with an adult temper tandrum. There are so many other constructive ways to approach a complaint than throwing a fit. And since we don't have to deal with customers like these, even though we do, we have every right to complain about it if we choose to. My advice to the general public is to get your head out of your rear, stop thinking about yourself, and treat employees like they are real people with feelings. Skip all the BS steps that you take that leads you no where. Try out other companies that offer the same service. But I bet you'll run in to other problems, if not the same ones, and guess how you'll handle it? Yep, back to yelling and acting a fool. Because its not about Cellular South, or whatever company that has made you mad, its about how you deal with the situation. So, good luck in life; I feel you may have a long, hard road ahead of you.

  • Ia
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    Well im not saying that it didnt happen, but i just so happen to work for them, and there are ways for them to check to make sure whether or not you did. One thing you could do is request a Call Detail in a store and it will show specific dates and times and from what numbers calls were made. They should credit you back money if you prove it wasnt. But i don't understand why people get so mad at the reps, ALL WE HAVE TO GO ON IS WHAT THE COMPUTER SAYS!! But anyway, there should be a way to see if they were or not. One tip is if you are not rude a rep will go more out of thier way to help you. You need to remember we do cust car for a living and we cannot afford to have a customer do nothing but complain about something WE cannot fix instantly, and then give us a bad survey, which btw can get us fired. We are people too you know.
    If you are polite, and a rep wont help, or gives you an answer you dont like, you can always call back to find out if its the right answer. Because like i said, reps are people too, in good and bad. In dumb and smart.
    Just like customers.

  • Cs
      27th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    The Cellular South Rebate Offer is a scam! Make sure you make copies of everything because they will loose it intentionally if you have any marks out of place and tell you they didn't recieve it, send it again...

  • Ma
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    It doesn't surprise me anyone has a problem with Cellular South. What I've found out from my experience with them is that firstly, nobody seems to know how to do their job properly and secondly, nobody within this organization really cares. Don't go to the store where you signed up for service. You'll get nothing but rhetoric from them. It's like beating a dead horse.

    Case in point:
    I've turned in three service requests at the retail store where I purchased three phones. One for my work, one for wife and one for son. My service turned out to be unsatisfactory with numerous dropped calls. None of the three service requests were ever entered into the system. I phoned directly to reach their technical support technician and after a couple of hours was able to call me back to tell me that I had a weak signal at my home office... in Memphis, TN. You might think that service should be OK in a metropolitan area of 650, 000 people but I cannot get a stable signal through Cellular South but my Verizon phone gets full signal strength. This is odd since the sales clerk, Brittany, told me they are using exclusively Verizon towers. In disgust I wrote up the blog listed below then sent the link to Cellular South. Guess what, a few days later I get a call and they have decided to fix the problem by sending me equipment until service is achieved. This leaves a sour taste in my mouth since nothing got done until I had to kick them in the "nads" to get them to respond. I'm still pissed but maybe I'll get some resolution. Check back on the blog in a month or so and I should hopefully have a final report or at least some kind of progress report.

    See my blog at

  • Ma
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    I had great problems reading your rant but read enough to get the jist of what you wanted to express. Working with retail customers takes a special kind of person which you do not seem to have the qualities necessary to do this kind of work. This statement is not condescending since I also would not work retail and have to deal with people that are both profoundly ignorant and rude. I've done it myself and strongly detest it. I have no tolerance for rudeness. If you actually take score you would find these kinds of people to be the vast minority. That said I'll add it doesn't take many of these kinds of people to burn you out.

    It'd be a good idea to get a good education in a field where you either worked with educated professionals that are more reasonable and rational in their dealings with others OR find a career in a field where you don't have to deal with people.

    See my blog at

  • Au
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    I had cellular south five years ago but canceled service. I believe it was great service. After using several different phone services for various reasons mainly to find the cheapest plan, I am not back with cellular south. I am on billing month number 3. My first bill was the advance payment for my plans. The second bill was awful. It said I went over 200 minutes on each of my lines. I have two lines at 19.99 each (200 mins each line). Two days before my cycle ended I called the minute number to check my minutes and it said I had used 180 minutes and had 20 minutes remaining. So how can I go over 200 minutes in a day??????? I did not go out of my primary area. Something is wrong. I went into the store on 8/7/09 to order call detail for $10.00. It is now 8/26/09 and I have not received the call detail. I went back into the store and they reordered it. It is like cellular south doesn't want me to see my call detail. Why hide the call detail? My bill is now past due. I will not be paying this bill until I get an explanation of what is going on. When I was in the store the guy did not care. I was nice. I tried to tell him what was going on and he did not care. I all but rolled his eyes at me. I am so aggravated. I kept telling myself not to go postal on them. I don't know what to do? I downgraded my previous plan so that I could save money because I am about to do an unpaid internship next spring. ARGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

  • Bo
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    Well, I didn't make copies of my rebate form, so I hope it doesn't get lost. I checked on my rebate status, several weeks ago, and it said my rebate was in some kind of required service period. I checked again today, and it said the same thing. :'( So, how long does it take to get a cellular south rebate?? Has anyone ever actually received this "rebate"? If so, how LONG DOES IT TAKE ?!?!?!

  • Cs
      8th of Aug, 2010
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    Your post helps me understand why cell south is so awful.
    The people who work there are complete [censor]s with no education and little intelligence. Keep complaining. It's your job you idiot. I didn't apply to work at cellular south for you, you did. There is a reason people get angry and call you. The phones suck, the coverage sucks and the people are technologically ignorant. I shouldn't have to warranty the phone every time there is an issue with it. Cell south's two step plan to fix every problem with any phone: take the battery out for 30 seconds. Put it back in then turn it on. If the problem isn't
    Fixed you have to warranty it.

    You are the shining example of why I absolutely despise cellular south.
    Honestly, the reason people bother you so much is because you aren't
    Intelligent enough to understand how bad the company you work for sucks and blows.

  • Cs
      8th of Aug, 2010
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    Doesn't surprise me at all. Cellular south is a group of complete incompetants. I cant believe the people who work there are able to keep a steady job.

    Iamjustme, customers have every right to get pissed and yell whenever things don't go their way. And of course you don't care, its not taking money out of your pocket. You are far more ignorant than us customers. Do us all a favor and quit your job ASAP. Go get a real job and stop complaining. [censor].

  • Ju
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    My rebate has been in a 3 out of 5 process complete mode for 3 weeks now, I called, they told me to go online and keep up with the status.. I have 2 pending and I'm beginning to wonder if they are taking applications because they look like they are having problems in the process mode of things around there and could use some more hired help. The scary part is they have 2 out of 5 to go.. Looks like it's gonna be a long wait.

  • Tb
      18th of Mar, 2011
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    I have happily had Cellular South for about a year and half. I love the service I get, and yes, sometimes the rebates do take a while to get back to you, they do come. I've never once had any of my paperwork 'lost' and have always had courteous staff assisting me on the phone, in person, and even text messages. I love the fact that their service is much cheaper (and much better) than AT&T. I have an Android that I paid a good bit for and wouldn't trade it, even after my dog chewed on it; it still works! And I might add that they had 3G here 2 years before AT&T...who is still trying to catch up... I have had experience with several different cell companies and I would choose Cellular South over any of them!

    For all of you that are complaining about fees and other charges on your phone did it; but if you didn't, yelling at the person on the phone isn't going to help matters. I hope that everyone that yells at a customer service representative gets to work retail for at least a year out of life...then maybe you'll learn some respect for getting over anxious about things...calm down...relax...breathe. Think about if that was you on the receiving end of it (or maybe your child).

  • Co
      8th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Cellular south just freakin sucks... they claim they are nation wide, SURE, using others companies towers... like verizon! But i thought verizon plans were high and phones sucked to cellularsouth but u still use there towers for roaming partners... I agree the company SUCKS! People talk about it all the time.. THey have smart mouths and [censor]! Cellularsouth thinks ppl here in mississippi SUPPOSE too automatically choose them because there plans are maybe 25 dollars cheaper... But think, they only have maybe 3 good phones and maybe 200 towers... as in verizon and att has like 3000 times more customers and towers.. i understand its a so called "Privately held" but um us cellular and cellular one is private as well but serve more than two states.. honestly cellularsouth just sucks... they need to merege with someone... The asr's are all county talking, they look retarted, they have smart mouths and the managers and team leaders take there authority to there head... and um cellularsouth dont believe in helping with ur bill at all... i dont even think they have the power to wave a 5 dollar esn change...

  • Id
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    Hey, "csouthblows", let me just tell you something. I worked for cellular south, and hated going to work everyday because of [censor]s like you. It's not that we're incompetant, we just aren't going to go out of our way to satisfy people who think that we, as reps in the store or in the call center, are conspiring to make your phones not work or to make your bills past due. You are an absolute idiot and may all of your phones get run over or dropped in a pile of hot, steaming, fresh dog crap.

    That's not covered under your warranty, by the way, so eat it.

  • Be
      27th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    From an Ex-Customer,

    Hey Rep(s), please don't take it personal when callers vent-out frustrations. We (callers) are simply upset during the moment(s) of dispute and only one thing is important at that moment and it is problem solving. If it seems like you are the one being SHOUTED at, take comfort in knowing the "SHOUTS" are indirect and a shout for answers, a SHOUT to let you know the urgency of OUR situation, a SHOUT to move our concerns to favorable action. The shout is NOT meant for YOU, (the rep)- the shout is actually directed at YOUR company and NOT you. We understand that YOU are just the rep. We understand the big guys at the top push the most unfavorable stuff on YOU. Yes, we understand whose really pushing our "buttons". So to create a more peaceful atmosphere here, WE (the EX-Customers) need YOU to calm down...(EX-Rep).

    OK, we want you to understand US. Understand, that WE are NOT all the same in character, some of us may constructively talk out our concerns. We may even opt to be kind and polite at times. Some of us may have ...had a bad day and "whoo-hoo" YOU happen to be the one who answers the call. Some of us may have forgotten to take our prozac or pysch medication, some of us may just be miserable with LIFE anyway. Some of us may be irrate simply because we CAN and could care less about what you think. Some of us may push your button - Yes...YOU the "PROFESSIONAL" we will push your button to see exactly how prefessional YOU really are. Actually, WE are GREAT people who want GREAT service...Yes, every one of us, regardless of some of our character faults...And...Why are we... ALL GREAT? Simply, because we have choosen the company YOU work for as OUR service provider and to part with our CASH.

    Long story, short... YOU wll experience many discrepancies from us, if things are not going right with us; However, YOU (the rep) being the professional YOU ARE... should understand as a PROFESSIONAL that customers discrepancies are not personally directed toward YOU. So, as a result if you are yet unhappy with US (the customers); Maybe you should reconsider your mentality or the way you think and re-channel your un-happiness toward yourself as the "so- called" PROFESSIONAL.

  • No
      7th of Jun, 2011
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    The corporate office at CS is full of yes men and over-paid cronies. Most of them just make rounds to the stores trying to make little changes to the stores to give the impression that they are actually working and earning their paychecks. Reality is that they keep telling each other that changing the store layouts and how they pay (screw over) the sales people will increase their profits. In reality, they need to consolidate jobs in the corporate office and leave the sales people alone. I think each corporate worker should have to work the sales floor and earn a certain amount of commission to get a spot in the corporate office so they can see how crappy the sales people have it. They need to adopt better policies and better phones. The customers often give a bad survey to salespeople not b.c of the service, but b.c of the crappy policies that the corporate office hands down. The cronies then turn around and blame the sales people. It's BS and I'm glad I don't work there any more.

  • Be
      27th of May, 2011
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    Cellular South - Over-Rated Charges
    Cellular South
    United States

    Cellular South applied extreme high charges on my billing statement. Initially, when I signed up it was one price and as the months went by (mind you, with the same usage activitiy) ; my rates were soaring higher and higher by the month...sort of like experiencing billing hikes without cause.

  • Sh
      21st of Nov, 2006
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    Cellular South - I have been billed for roaming charges and calls that were NEVER made!
    United Kingdom

    Cellular South has made it a point to charge for calls never made and tack on roaming charges and will put the blame solely on the consumer and will not even try to help. Every month I have been billed for roaming charges and calls that were NEVER made.

  • Ai
      26th of Oct, 2010
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    Cellular South - phone
    cellular south
    United States

    i just got a new blackberry curve had only a few weeks when i left it i n walmart only to go back an get it an the screen was messed up i then took it to cellular south only to be told it was my fault an nothing could be done was fixing it only to buy a new one i didnt pay 300 dollars for a phone just to turn right back around an pay another 300 for it hope something can be done i really think its scamming ppl to make them pay that much for a phone then something happens an they wont do anything to fix it

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