Cellular Express Plusdeceitful practices

Please everyone do not reply to ad to work for cep or cellular express plus.this is worst company to ever work for. My sis and i both were hired while worked for another cellphone company in the mall. A manager from corporate cep told us we make all kinds of money if we left our current cell phone jobs and joined their crew in the cellular express family. well gues what we fell for it. I have been so deceiful to customers in my entire lif and neither has my sister. it was told we put features on every single att customer that bought a new phone or extended their contract with another att phone. I would go home after work feeling vary bad and ashamed. I always wondered how we would not get in truble for treating att customers so bad. so i finally asked our store manager would we ever get in truble for putiing features on customers account with out their aceptance. he said no mr chris kelley has friends in att that protect him. My sis and i were let go before we ever got out of our probation stage. some people say it so we dont collect unemploymment pay. but i know it is cause we dont lie to customers to much. these people vary vary bad.dont ever buy phone. they lie every time

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