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We ordered an inexpensive Blackberry battery on 3/10/12 because they are unavailable at any brick and mortar stores which is unacceptable to begin with. We requested overnight delivery and. since we were ordering on a Saturday and we are reasonable people, expected that the battery would probably not arrive until Tuesday as it should ship on Monday. When we received an email from, aka, the tracking number given did not work on the Fed Ex tracking site. I called and was lied to and told it would show up later in the day. Battery never arrived. Called following day and insisted on speaking to manager, supposedly named Mark, who had the nerve to tell me that Fed Ex decided they couldn't ship the battery so they, Fed Ex, decided to send it by the US POSTAL service by parcel post...NOT overnight. Of course, in the past we have received a number of deliveries from Fed Ex to our suburban Philadelphia home so the idea that Fed Ex doesn't service our area is a crock. Needless to say, when I contacted our credit card company they had been paid over $40 for a less than $8 battery that has not arrived as yet ...exactly one week later. Stay away from this so-called company. We needed this battery for my husbands business and they took complete advantage of the situation. Now our credit card company tells us we have to wait until the end of this month when our statement arrives to begin the process of having them get the money back from this site's bank. Save yourself the trouble and go to the real blackberry site. Make sure you have the original blackberry site and not this imposter.


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