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Like the other complainants, I was hooked into Cellflirt on FaceBook, quit the service immediately, and began getting charges.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Austin, TXI quit the service again, and it stopped for a while, then suddenly started up again. This is a fraudulent company. Do not take the IQ test on FaceBook--your stuck with outrageous cell bills forever.


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  • Jo
      Jul 21, 2009

    Hello, I'm an attorney that is investigating the Iq test that people are complaining about on blogs. I am considerning legal actions. Can you give me information on what happened to you. I googled Iq test, complaints, and located you from this complaint board.

    I would appreciate any info to the following issues, and feel free to add other issues:

    how did you find this iq test site? was it in an ad, on facebook, another website?

    there are many iq tests now on sites so I am looking to investigate facebook applications that have iq tests. It will be easier to prove that site was on facebook doing this activity. did you use the facebook iq test?

    were you charged on your telephone for the test?

    did you think it was free?

    was there any info explaining if they would charge you any costs? generally they put a tiny paragraph at the bottom of some page in a hidden area.

    were you charged monthly for awhile, and if so, what were your getting for the service?

    were you also reeceinving other marketing things from this site, or a site associated with the original site trying to charge you for activity.

    if you have any proof of such activity I would appreciate seeing any information about the identity of these companies.

    SO AS TO CONFIRM MY INTEREST; please google my recent lawsuits involving similar cases:


    once you google these cases and review the lawsuit, you will see my name and email address match. Such noted so you feel confident to email me in confidence any info.

    joe malley
    dallas texas me back any info at...[protected]

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  • La
      Jul 30, 2009

    Dear Customer,

    We provide customer support for the services related to your inquiry.

    Per your request, cell phone number [protected] has been cancelled and unsubscribed from our services.

    To process your refund request, we will need you to provide the following:

    1. A completed Refund Request Form located at:

    2. Your cell phone bills that show the itemized portion of the calls you are seeking a refund for (not the summary page) from your carrier so we may verify information.

    Please visit to start the refund process.

    Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message.



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  • Ke
      Jul 30, 2009

    wat up wat u doing guys

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  • Se
      Aug 21, 2009

    I am getting the same charges as these other people . I took the IQ test on face book also and my cell phone bill has these charges on from Cellflirt, never signed up for it they just started billing me for calls I never took or made.

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  • La
      Sep 09, 2009

    unauthorized charges to cellphone bill. request immediate refund of $9.99.

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  • Ap
      Sep 18, 2009

    Same thing here. How do I stop these wanted nessages? And unauthorized charges?

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  • As
      Oct 16, 2009

    I remember taking a test on facebook then started recieving a charge on my cell phone account monthly. I don't know how to get it to stop or what it is even for. Every once in awhile i'll recieve a message that I delete immediatly.

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  • Me
      Aug 02, 2010

    this happened to my kid's cell...we get him the prepaid and this took away $10 of my kids minutes...he never even responded and according to him he has not put his number on facebook...they are really cheap and do not like using any of their minutes...they do not even open messages from kids they know half of the time. They have gotten calls from wrong numbers a i do not know if the previous owner of this number may have used it on fb...but for us, there is not a connection. PLEASE prosecute these people!!! My kids worked really hard for their 10 bucks..just like everyone else.

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  • Rw
      Dec 24, 2011

    Cellflirt is hooking people in ways they don't anticipate, and not telling them it will cost them. Even after you tell them to stop, they keep invoicing. I filed a refund, we will see. These guys are crooks!!! Call your cell company and have them BLOCK all third party invoicing on your number.

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