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I have upgraded my cell phone contract about a month and half before the upgrade date. When this contract was concluded (the first time) I was told that delivery will take 2 days, after a week I followed up and I was informed by agent (Mogari) that there was not contract captured and have done service recovery and we re-did the contract. I applied for a Samsung S7 pinnicle 250 package, part of the verbal contact was 10gig of data (period of 3 months) and in addition 1 gig monthly for period of the contract, this was part of a promotion as I took out this contract before end of November 2016. The reason why i was so exited about the contract is due to the fact that i needed extra data as my previous contract did not give me what i needed. When my new contract kicked in on 7/1/2017, I discovered that the information was not correctly, only received 10 gig once off but not the monthly 1 gig that I was promised. I have done follow up on 3rd, 6th and 13th January and have been promised a call cack, but up till now, nobody called me back.

I hereby request that you please go back and listen the voice recording of the contract and provide me with feedback at your soonest convenience please?

All information is linked to my cell number [protected]

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    Requesting call back from Cell C

Jan 20, 2017

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