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Cell Phone Users in Movie Theaters / Hang it up, ###s!

1 United States

I love movies better than, well, almost anything.

But lately I don't go to the theater very often because of self-important loser a-holes who can't leave their frickin' cell phones alone for an hour or two.

I've seen people who spent the entire run of a movie ON THEIR PHONE.


I wish I had that kind of disposable income! Pay for a movie and instead of watching it, talk to my friend for two hours!

If it's not that, I'm constantly getting an eyeful of very bright cell phone screen flashed in my face!

I'm not confrontational by nature, but I can see going off my nut one day and someone needing a cell phone removed from a certain part of their body.

Hang it up, ###s! Everybody has a cell phone. You're not special. You're not even important.


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