Celebrity Sexy Product - Teeth Whitner / Rebate/Refund

I bought this product with the understanding that I would be refunded the $50 I paid for this *free* product. Over 3 months later I still have not recieved my rebate. Also, I was charged approx. $30 for going over a "trial period" that I was NOT told about. When I called about being refunded the $30, I was told that the $30 refund would cancel out the $50 rebate and I had to choose which one I wanted. When I was sent the next month's supply, along with 2 other tubes and charged $100, I returned them within the alloted time. I STILL have not recieved my $100 back.

This is a scam. I've warned all my friends. I don't want anyone else to fall for this.


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