Cedar Point / my complaint is about the service.

Sandusky, OH, United States

I went to cedar point on Monday, June 5, 2017 after 16 years of being away as I now live in Florida. I wanted my children to experience my childhood favorite amusement park. My sisters and their children also went to share in the experience for the first time for our children. Unfortunately it was not as it should have been. It started with a little drizzle yet perfect temperature. But then...The power went out, our personal things were unavailable until someone could manually open up our locker. Some rides were unavailable, they were shut down, some broke down after waiting in line. If that wasn't enough the all day dining bracelet registered as an error from the first attempt and then the entire day. Some staff were polite and kind they said I could go to guest services yet as long as I showed my receipt I should be okay. This seemed acceptable as I wanted my family to be able to enjoy as much time on rides rather than in guest services in the front of the park. Again, unfortunately I couldn't say all the sraff was the same. Even with the receipt, one young lady questioned if the bracelet was from this visit implying that I would cheat to get a free meal?! I was insulted. The fact that we were a group, I had my receipt and she could view the information on the computer... Unacceptable treatment of a customer. At another food station, a young man kept trying to scan the bracelet stating it doesn't work, offering no solution although I explained it kept occuring and I had a receipt to verify the ticket. He finally scanned it. At all of the locations due to this error with my bracelet it caused a delay and inconvenience to my entire families day due to continuous explanation of the error with the all day dining pass, multiple tries of scanning and frustration of it all. Sadly, it was disappointing. I had been building up cedar point in my families minds only to be disappointed with all the mishap of power outage, non working and malfunctioning rides and the treatment due to this error with my all day dining pass. On my way out of the park I went to guest services and spoke with Damien. I felt I should have gotten some type of reimbursement. He gave me half off tickets for this season. Being that I live in Florida, uncertain when we"d be back, that didn't work. I felt I needed to let someone know in hopes that somehow this could be rectified and hopefully treat future customers in a better manner. Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.

Jun 12, 2017

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