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Cedar Lane Breeders / Shih tzu

KS, United States Review updated:
I have a, suppose to be a pure breed Shih tzu. However, when I picked him up that the airport we knew he didn't look like one. I knew his coat would be different they had told me that. But I took him to breeders and vets all say no hes not a shih tzu. I know what they look like I had a show shih tzu for 11 years. I knew Mister Sammy would look different. Now hes grown alot and no way does he have shih tuz features except his lower front teeth show. He is a great dog. I just feel like they don't thing he could of been an accident. they sent me pictures of his mom and dad. The dad is shaved they said for sanitary reasons while breeding him. I did file a complaint with BBB in Kanas and Nebraska they have the kennel in one state and office in the other. ?Right now, they still say he is pure bred . I feel they stole my trust or he is infact the bad example as far as a shih tzu goes. He is specail to me..He is a gift and God made him special. thanks,


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  14th of Oct, 2008
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I also purchased a puppy from this company last August. Actually my mother purchased it for my daughter. A gift from grandma. A Boston Terrier. Our experience with these people was terrible. The first puppy we chose was misnames on the website so of course the one we wanted was sold. We then picked a different one from the two that were left. We had the puppy flown to us, and they sent us the WRONG one!!! Although my dog looks like a boston terrier, I definatelt do not believe he had any type of champion lines. His snout is on the longer side, his ears don't stant up like they should. They kinda stand if he tries, but the tips bend over. His body and legs are also on the long side. They estimeted he would be 18-20 lbs, and at a year old he ways 24.5 lbs. He is perfectly proportioned though. Also when we got this puppy he came to us with Giardia. I dont know how he had it because by his vaccination list he looked like he was over wormed. He had such a sensitive stomach I had a hard time finding food for him. Oh, and constant diarreha. He was on antibiotics for about 4 months before everything cleared up. I'm glad I had a pet insurance plan or it would have cost me a fortune!!! Anyway, he did turn into a very sweet and healthy pup... eventually! I will NEVER purchase from these people again!!!
  23rd of Mar, 2009
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I purchased a toy poodle from this breeder a little over a year ago. When I bought him, he was 6 months old and I was told he was still there because another buyer had backed out of a sale. When I picked him up at the airport, he was a shaggy little mess. He had received absolutely no potty training, so that has been an issue from day one. He's gotten much better but because no one paid any attention to him, he still has a hard time and he also suffers from extreme separation anxiety. He also has digestive issues and can only be fed hypo-allergenic dog food. Overall, he is now quite healthy and has a great life, but I would be extremely hesitant to purchase another dog from this kennel.
  26th of Apr, 2009
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We purchased a puppy from them about 2 years ago and our little dachshund also came with and still has major health issues. She was six months old when we picked her up from the airport and she didn't know how to walk and to this day she gets freaked out over many things. She definitely wasn't socialized or had much human contact. We knew right away after picking her up this place wasn't a good breeder. I do feel we rescued our dog as who knows what would have happened to her if we didn't adopt her since she was much older! We did end up getting another dog and this time we did more research to ensure we didn't support another breeder like Cedar Lane!
  27th of Oct, 2009
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I purchased a Yorkie 3 years ago from them. They were kind and helpful. My puppy was only12 weeks old when I purchased him. By 9 months he was overweight for a yorkie and kept growing. At that point he was getting comments that he was a silky not a yorkie, from family friends, other yorkie parents at the dog park, my vet, and groomer. The differnces were slight at first but now I know he is a silky... I love him all the same. I believe it was an honest mistake. But when the time comes to get another dog I don't know if I will go back there or not. In all reality probably not. Sad.
  27th of Oct, 2009
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  26th of Aug, 2010
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We purchased a supposed to be" silky terrier "puppy from this "supposed" to be reputable breeder in april of 2008, In total we paid over $1100.00 for her, we named her Scarlett. Well Scarlett is now a well adjusted, very intelligent, very overweight, VERY Mixed Breed. Several Vets have weighed in and all agree we didn't get a Silky Terrier. She is however the most human like dog we have ever had. She eats off a fork and sleeps on her back between us with her head on the pillow. We Love her very very much and feel we rescued her from a horrible place. Next time we will definatly rescue from a shelter or rescue organization. Please help end this type of Breeders greed by NOT BUYING FROM CEDARLANE BREEDERS! Do the right thing Rescue your next dog.
  1st of Dec, 2010
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I also purchased a Boston terrier puppy from cedar lane breeders in 2007. Although they were very kind and helpful, I feel as though I helped support a puppy mill. I love my Boston he's great, weighs thirty pounds (I was told 15 Max), but looking back there were bad signs. When he first arrived he had severe kennel cough. After that he had constant diahrrea and was later discovered he had worms. Finally he is allergic to Everything ...and must be kept on sterroids. Next time I'll go to a rescue to support honest adoption centers.
  19th of Oct, 2012
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I also had major problems with this breeder. I bought a mini schnauzer... about 5 years ago... When we picked her up from the airport she had a horrible ear infection in both ears, ear mites and a very thin coat. She did not even know how to step out of her kennel. It took about 2 weeks to get her to be able to walk correctly. When I took her to the vet he advised me to send her back ASAP. He was in fear that she was so sick that she might infect my other two dogs. I contacted them about sending her back and they said that i'd have to repay the oringinal flight charges, and a "restocking fee" (like a microwave at Target??) .. If I were to pay for that plus the charges to fly her back i'd only get back $50. SO I decided to keep her and make the best of it... well let me tell you... I should have sent her back! Within two months she'd racked up over $2500 in vet bills.. She had something that the vets had never seen before... her belly started swelling up with fluid... she wouldn't eat and she was super skinny everywhere except her belly... they ran every test known to run.. but couldn't figure it out. We ended up having to put her to sleep. :-( I again contacted Ceeder Lane and they hung up on me... Horrible horrible place!
  25th of Jun, 2016
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We purchased a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel nine years ago from this 'breeder' AKA PUPPY MILL. We love our dog dearly and he is a full breed but like all this breed if the parents are not heart tested they are susceptible to mitral valve disease which at age eight he was found to have. He has a grade 3 heart murmur but is still asymptomatic, not on medication. He has been such a joy to us we love him dearly and he has been every thing we expected and more, he now has a little 'brother' age three same breed different color and not purchased at Cedar Lane Breeders. I have to say when we first got him he had to see the vet for constant diarrhea which the vet was caught from where he came from. We almost lost him but thanks to the excellent vet he made it. I do have to say I went into this process of choosing a puppy online despite warnings from my children, like most here I fell in love with his picture and it was him when we received him. My purpose in posting is never ever buy from a breeder who is not legitimate, or online or a pet store. I belong to a playgroup for this breed and our second dog came from two members of this group who were going to allow their dogs a one time litter, hobby breeders they are called, heart tested and shots current and socialized within a family setting. Again our second dog of this breed has been delightful and they are both the light of our lives. Finally - never ever buy from this type of breeder and tell your friends and family the same, this was only a glorified puppy mill with a few pictures bragging of their facilities and family owned business, such a scam. However in the long run I would never ever trade our sweet boy for anything else and reading the stories above I feel we were very lucky. These facilities when we buy from them only promote bad breeding, mixed breeds passed off as full bred dogs and terrible conditions, puppy mills however they are presented to the public have to go. Lets do our part and never promote these types of operations again.

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