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I went to the website looking for a miniature mare in foal. Had to rush the shipement as she stated the horse was ready to deliver the foal. Fraudulently sold me a mare in foal (pregnant) for 2, 000. Horse was ultrasounded by the vet and not pregnant. We will make sure this does not hapen to another unsuspecting buyer again.

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      10th of Aug, 2012

    I also purchased a miniature that was misrepresented from Cedar Fields. I was looking for a friendly loving easy to catch mini that loved people and attention. I was sent a total nightmare!! I had owned large horses for over 30 years and this was by far the worst horse I had ever purchased. The vet told us "If she sold you this horse as a family horse she does not need to be in horse business...if she didn't know any more about her horses than to think this was a family horse she sure does not need to be in the horse business"
    We were sent a 6 month old filly that attacked out vet and farrier, would not come near you, head shy, ear shy...scared of brushes, people and life. It was a heartbreaking thing that happened to us but what is worst is the beginning months this little horse had with her breeder, never being handled correctly or given a good start that would have ensured her a wonderful home. I raised horses for many years and have never seen such a terrified young horse. We even sent this filly for professional training to try to help her but sadly she was so full of fear she will never be a depenable trustworthy horse and will always have issues. Many e-mails and many phone calls did not help us. Nice photos did not help us. If buying here please make sure you can visit and check out the horse or foal before purchase! Do your research, google for reveiws, I have since found all the complaints and even cases which have been filed with the BBB of WV on this farm. It is a very bad thing to take people like this but what is even worst is the life you are truely setting your babies up for. These are wonderful loving little creatures and they deserve the best most loving start they can have in is your job as a breeder to provide this!! Then as a trustworthy breeder it is your job to help place your horse with the correct family to ensure the best for all parties!

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