cedar eaters of texas / incomplete work/incorrect

Boerne, TX, United States
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very nice people and had done work for me before. however it was dad [owner] that i dealt with. this time in fall of 08 it was the son i dealt with. very very nice fellow, however doesnt follow instruction well and not a whole lot of common sense. he seemed more interested in making the sale than paying attention to what i wanted. i told him exactly where i wanted my cedar cut from point a to point b. well he got point "correct" but point "b" was something he dreamed up. not even close to where the end point was to be. as matter fact they were off by 200-300 yards. also it has rained, i had spent 14, 000$ on driveway and they ran the big mulcher down that drive rutting it terribly. i mentioned the driveway as well as the off course clearing and even faxed a property map showing where they should have been and where they went. all i got was "sorry" and never was offered anything in the way of a fix or solution. but hey the kid got his sale. and now they have this big push to get "affiliate sponsors" for the rodeo in san antonio etc. NOT ME. signed, "hosed in the texas hill country"

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