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CEC Solutions / Rip off

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Like the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I too must admit i am a current victim of CEC however i am closing my account in the morning. After reading the horrible stories of other consumers, why should i wait any longer? I am currently being fed the same bull from the customer service reps. "Dell is currently backed up, you should receive your computer on Sept 22nd and if you don't receive it after a week later, then give us a call and we'll give you a new expected delivery date, but keep making payments and you'll improve your credit" Lies lies lies." And i am thinking i bet if i ordered from Dell then i would have it by now. Ive lost about 800.00 to date but i have to remember to at least check and this site before i get into anything else. I need to take care of my credit and then i would never fall victim of scams like this. I wouldn't be surprised if some office building gets massacred over this kind of stuff. As hard as times are today... Its a shame that theres still people like this.

But i am a firm believer in reaping what you sow.

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  • An
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    I tried getting in touch with the company to stop them from cashing my check. Beware!

  • De
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    CEC Solutions, also affliated with GFC consumer funding are a scam! They took $174.79 out of my account and suppose tomail me my sales order and agreement to sign, never received anything in tne mail and cannot get a represenative on the line.

    I withdrew my money from my account. But, I've got a feeling they've got what they wanted and won't try for more knowing that its all over the internet that they are a scam. Should have done my homework!

  • Ca
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    I agree with everyone else, I was just on the phone with "CEC" solutions and "AMY" was telling me that I can raise my credit score a 100 points by the end of the year, I knew that it was a scam. I had a funny feeling about them, so I looked them up on the internet and this is what I found, im so glad that I followed my first mind. Im really sorry for people like me that have less than perfect credit, for us credit is like scary, and we dont want to face it, its already hard for us to finance things so when something like this comes along it sounds good and we take the opurtunity to get what we cant get from others, I just wish that this world would have never based your needs in life depending on your "credit score"

  • Cu
      2nd of May, 2008
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    I work for CEC Solutions so feel free to hate me. The problem is not the fact that the company is screwing you. the problem is the fact that you wanna get your computer so bad you dont listen to detail on the phone and you dont read your contract. EVERYTHING is explained to you. Your merchandise WILL get to you in a timely manner if you follow all the instructions that you're supposed to.. you won't believe how much incomplete paperwork we get. 8 out of 10 people. and then they're mad. it's like dealing with kindergarten. And also, do you really think that missing a payment every now and then due to insufficient funds is gonna expedite the shipping of your computer through a company that doesn't even check your credit?? common! you dont miss payments with your phone bills or insurance, yet here you think it's okay. anyway, i just deal with difficult people every day and i needed to vent because these complaints are ridiculous. if you pay attention, you wouldn't have any complaints. grow up and take responsibility.

  • Jo
      10th of May, 2008
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    I too did what everybody elese did. I orderd in nov of 07'. The only thing i did is call the manger every day for two months. I told them in march that if it was not coming to get money back. It is may and after filing with the bbb and the states atty office i recived my computer and printer. Dell was also in on the scam. But i never gave up. I know how to work these people. Remember this, once it goes in to the fince company they have to and will give the stuff to you. It just takes one call to the fince company and stop payment they have no choice to get it to you. I got my computer. One last thing to the guy that works there, i got the last laugh. Mr. houston you have to take care of your customers fast because you have have no other choice if you don't want a law suit. Don't sell something you cant delivery on time.

  • He
      5th of Jul, 2008
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    I was ripped off by cec solutions, I was told that I would have a computer after i made 5 payments of 29.99, then after that, I recived a letter from them that I needed to send them a copy of my drivers licenses, check stub and a current utility bill, we did all of that and 2 months later still no computer, tried to reach them several times and was on hold forever and never got to talk to no one. Finally when I reached them they said that my computer would ship out on june 2, well at the end of may there were other things being taken out of my checking account that I didnt know what it was and the bank asked me what gcf withdrawl was and i told them I had ordered a computer 5 months ago and still hadn't recived it, They told me I had to close my account because of unauthorized withdrawls, they thought these other with drawls from companys I didn't know of had got my account number from cec solutions, They continued to try and take money out of my account sometimes twice in one day, Due to that my account was 500 dollars in the negative, Witch then the bank took money from my checking account to cover the delinquent account, so between that and what I paid cec solutions I lost over 1100 dollars, This company is a SCAM!!! Do not do business with these people, as to the employee that made the comment that we were a bunch of kindergardeners well obvisoly there is a problem with so many people making these complaints, so maybe you are the one that needs to wise up and realize you are working for a bunch of scam artist, this company will end up with fraud charges brought against them I can promise you that. They are liable for what they are doing to people and eventually they will crash and burn.

  • Al
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    i am also a victom ive waited almost half the yearnow and the gave me the same bull every time now they say the hurricane is deaying the laptop and wait until the 18th now i know they ARE liers.

  • Le
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    In April 2008, I started making bi-weekly payments on a Dell Computer from CEC Solutions LLC. I was aware that I needed to make five “layaway” payments before my product was shipped (which I completed). I have made a total of 13 payments ($719.96) and I still haven’t received my merchandise. When I contacted CEC Solutions, there’s always some excuse of why I don’t have my merchandise. On 9/5/2008 @ 11:39 am, they stated I should receive my merchandise on the week of October 6, 2008. On October 16, 2008 @ 11:48 am, I called Customer Service again. After being on hold for a short period, they stated their “auditors” were in a meeting and that I needed to wait until November 24, 2008 for my merchandise. After I told them I wanted them to stop taking money out of my account until I received my merchandise, I was told I would forfeit my contract and money that I already paid. I just made a compliant to the WV and Ohio Attorney General's office. I also made a complaint to the BBB and e-mailed Dell Computers to discuss this possible scam (waiting to hear response).

  • Le
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    Oh my goodness. They told me the same thing. Hurricane my foot.

  • Ch
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    Unlike other financial companies, we don't check your credit and measure you based on some credit score. Instead, all we ask is that you become creditworthy with us by building a short credit history, by paying a small one-time activation fee, (none refundable) then paying 5 to 26 consecutive weeks worth of layaway payments ( we will collect all interest on your money). Then we finance the balance of your purchase price, order your computer and have it shipped directly to your home, when dell catches up with the back order's. We will give you several false shipping dates, This will hold you off for months. Do not complain or report us to the BBB because WE WILL PUT YOU RIGHT BACK ON LAYAWAY! this complaining makes us feel insecure and you have the trait of a defaulting customer. (however we will continue to collect the interest on your money no problem). Now you have to pay in full before you receive your merchandise.
    Thank You for your Business

  • Ch
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    It's funny how Tronixcountry in Springfield VA, doing the same advertisement as Guaranteed Consumer Funding aka CEC Solutions LLC, just now popped up they are just 12 mile away from Guaranteed Consumer Funding aka CEC Solutions LLC, I wonder if they have just changed names and locations because the reputation of Guaranteed Consumer Funding aka CEC Solutions LLC is ruined. I will check into this. There is already a complaint on Tronixcountry at [redacted] just like CEC.

  • Ch
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    Tronix Country started in 2006 also, maybe they are not the same, both adverts look so much alike.

  • Ch
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    James Gibson told the BBB that a order for me was re-routed to another customer in WI. I checked with Dell Computer's and James Gibson lied again, the order was never made for me and never re-routed from me.
    WARNING TO ALL, CEC aka Guaranteed Consumer Funding Can NOT BE TRUSTED!
    I want my money back, this person is getting a $500.00 computer in Wisconsin. I have paid CEC $1058.68 of my money and they lied about sending me even a $500.00 computer, canceled/suspended my account for an email I sent asking do I need a lawyer, Then called me a potential defaulting customer. UNBELIEABLE!

  • Ha
      11th of Dec, 2008
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    CEC Solutions - was promised no drafts until signed paper work and voided check
    cec solutions
    8200 greensburg drive,suite 900
    United States
    Phone: 866-747-4119

    debited my account without my signature and returning of proper paper work and vioded check as was informed and stated on paper work received.tried calling several times only to get recordings

  • Er
      9th of Jan, 2009
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    CEC Solutions is a scam. Whatever way you look at it. It's a scam. I did everything they asked. Everything. Including the payments. Including the waiting. Until it just got ridiculous. All the stories sound alike. All of them. It's misleading form the start. They already took $99 dollars downpayment form you so when you get a papers to sign andf see non refundable what can you do?

    I mean a company that has to reply on "WELL DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CONTRACT" truly has no standards.

    CEC cant say I didnt mail in what they asked. CEC cant say I didnt deliver on payments. Especially since my down payment and first layaway payment was made on the same day.

    They wanted a void check? They got it (Eventhough I had already made a sweet downpayment and a all the layaway payments and their mailing package wasnt received at first). Then they wanted some personal information from me because they had people pulling 'scams' and fraud on them. And me, a guy who had already made like 6-7 payments was at fault. Fine, I send a copy of my drivers license... proof of address with a cell phone bill... two pacycheck stubs... I didnt initial a certain part and that got delayed about another week or two. But I quickly received that and it got fixed.

    I was told the audit team would take up to 5-6 weeks to "review" the information I sent. Then once that happen they gave me a date to call to get a deliver date. Can you belive that? I started all this in Late May with immidiete payments and when I called in my deliver date was for November 16th or so. No shipment. I call in and then they say there was a hurricane ion Texas and it delayed the shipments. Okay... so it will delay it a few weeks right? Nope... I was told that my delivery date was pushed back to December 28th.

    So I wait and they're unable to stop payments despite all this inconvineince. They offer me more ram on this "computer". What can I do right? I call on the 29th of December and just like I had predicted since, by then I had checked online and all these horror stories, I was told that because of the Holidays their audit team had to push back ALL orders. Because so many shipments were lost. But somehow to charge my account they never had a problem. They kept charging bi-week after bi-week.

    So I spoke with a supervisor and I was told thats the way it is and I have to wait.She told me to call on the 6th of January. Since they wouldnt be back on the phones until 5th and they would be so busy on the 5th because they will be in New Years Holiday.

    So I took it, even though she was so rude. I called on the 6th and guess what? I was told they will have nothing until the 16th of January. But that wouldnt be the delivery date. Actually, that was the day I had to call to get my deliver date. Everytime I call to get a deliver date it was a month and a half extra. So I would have to wait until late Feb or Early March for this "computer"?

    I called my bank and they're going to look into this. I send a report to the BBB. I called CEC SOlutions again today and gave them one more chance to provide me with good customer service and give me an honest explination on everything. Instead I was told "I already told you on the 16th sir". Thus, I just asked ot be cancelled.

    I didnt even receive a "Im sorry to hear that. I would like to avoid that sir" ... No, I was told. "Yes no problem. And its non refundable by the way".

    With the horror stories ive heard I couldnt give them more money. I have e-mailed media outlets concerning this. I would like other victirms of this scam to do the same.

    Thankfully, I have a good job. I work customer service and I know how a customer should be treated and its not like they do. THankfully I am not suffering with the economy and if i lose the $1000 + I already paid them then thats a price i have to pay for being stupid and falling into their trap.

    This company wants people to cancel. They want to avoid sending you the computer. It's very fishy. Where I work we do alot of shipments too and I can tell you that a very bad shipment delay taktes 2 weeks... maybe 3 on a Holiday week. Not 7 months. Not a year.

    They know it too. I didnt bother them about the computer at first. I cooperated and I send them what they needed. Yes, one time I didnt initial something they wanted and it delayed about 2 weeks. I'll give them a month on me. But come on.

    Apart form it they have horrible customer service. Somebody has to educate them on Empathy.

    Their practices are Venomous. They're slick in their approach. They'll have a reason for anything. I see them on here tyring to belittle consumers for a small mistake they made or missing one of the 100 disclosures they give individuals.

    This company is a disgrace. And all I wanted was a computer. I could careless about improving my credit score (which sounded like bull from the start). They did nothing for me. NOTHING. Never shipped me a product.

    I also think DELL, UPS and the United States Postal Service would like to hear about all the blame this company puts on them.

    Mak rmy words. I may or may not get my money back but im not paying them another penny. I will also make it a mission to smear their disgusting name and their venomous practices.

    So for that employee that opened his/her mouth and typed about how she/he cant deal with rue customers who "dont get it" and "dont read disclosures". I did EVERYTHING they asked. I made all payments on time. Never ONCE did a payment get bakctracked.

    Anyone wlecomed to e-mail me.

  • El
      9th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am in the same boat... They told me 2 things my daughter called them. and they ripped me off too. they got me for over $300 maybe im the lucky one... reading all that people have lost due to this company.. I hope that someone called the better business on them because if not I am first thing monday morning... I am stopping my payments and taking my loses now why I can.

  • Lo
      12th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes
    CEC Solutions - No computer
    CEC Solutions
    8200 Greensboro Dr.
    McLean, Virginia
    United States
    Phone: 18667474119

    I started paying for my computer back in March 2008 and I still havnt receive my computer . Everytime I talk to someone after being on hold for up to an hour I always need to send something else now I have to fax them my check studs to show proof of income which I dont understand that because I just about have it payed for.Or it should be payed for now.

  • Ta
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    I started paying for my computer back in April 2008 and I still havnt receive my computer . Everytime I talk to someone after being on hold for hrs i computer has been shipped out call back it will be ship next week now it Feb 26, 2009 and UPS BOTH IT OUT I AM just about payed OFF. NEVER ORDER FROM THEM NOT A GOOD COMPANY!!

  • Tc
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This people are a scam. They have taken money from my account and still I have not received my computer. I am going to sue them. Watch me. They very rude. Today when I called the I heard someone whispering from the background instructing the guy what to tell me. They are just thieves, but the will pay me back.

  • Id
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    We lost good people in wars and in disasters. Yet we have people stealing from US just like that! I hope these people die soon and burn in hell. I hate them. i hate them to the last drop of my blood. I work as laborer and breaking my back so I could buy a computer and go to school. I pray that I suffer a painful death for stealing from the poor. GOD Please punish these fools.

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