CDO CS Branch Outletlost prepaid sim need to replace

Approached your cs in cdo if anything can be done for replacememt if sim since it is my contact numbers to my business transactions and biz associates. Was told I need to produce proof of ownership. Ok no problem. 1 support with affidavit of loss and another is the sim bed...??? What? How can you find for an 8 year old prepaid sim??? Are you crazy I bet even your. Month old sim you just throw it away... Do want customers or do want us to buy more sim cards... I dont want to buy sim I can buy many but I need my number.. Who made that stupid requirement suggest fire him/her you ought to help and protect your loyal clients not to burden us with your impossible demands... I need a clear explanation on this if my request can be granted or not... I think prd is right maybe its high time we find another service provider since your service sucks... You can't even protect your loyal customer... All I need is my number

Jun 01, 2018

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