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I am a Customer of CD Mastercopy of Stamford CT, who has just been through a dreadful experience with the Company and their Customer Support Representative Renee. I received an order of CDs in cases that were ALL broken. I have had absolutely NO support from Renee (I believe Ms Renee Lonchana), who now refuses, after repeated requests, to put me in touch with Management. I received the CDs in 2 x seperate shipments ... all jewel cases were broken - the swivels for the spines broken, the "fingers" holding the CDs in place ALL broken, cracked casing, and the artwork quality dreadful. As a compromise, I asked for just 50 more jewel cases - no inserts, no CDs, just 50 UNBROKEN jewel cases with the back cover and spine artwork in place - so I can transfer the CDs and inserts from the broken cases over to the new unbroken cases. This was not even good enough for Renee, a
nd now she is ignoring my emails. I am a Guest Enterainer on a Cruise Ship and it is almost impossible to contact them by phone. My Company will not allow me to sell the CDsdue to the poor quality and broken cases ... the CD just falls out of the case when it is opened.

It is no use contacting Renee anymore as she now refuses to answer my emails I have sent them photos of all the damaged cases, but still she refuses to put me in touch with Management. It has been a total nightmare from the start. Its not just the hundreds of dollars I paid for the CDs ... it is the huge loss of income now as I have none to sell onboard the ship. I don't know where else to turn. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to offer.

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  • Al
      22nd of Jul, 2012
    CD Mastercopy - Inferior Product and Support
    All About Fishing
    New Zealand

    I am writing a complaint against a local Company in Stamford CT. U.S.A. -
    CD MasterCopy. I ordered a large number of DVDs to be duplicated via a 3rd party associate in the United States. When received the casings on most of the DVDs were broken, and many of the DVDs were BLANK !! In addition to this, the artwork was of a very inferior quality. With absolutely NO support from their Customer Representative - Renee Lonchana - who would not respond to our associate following many requests for assistance, I have been forced to report this Company - CD MasterCopy - to the appropriate local advocates. This Company in my opinion should not be operating as a business. We paid in full, and up front, for the work to be done - now we cannot distribute any of the DVDs to our Customers as they are used to a far more superior product and as mentioned - most of the DVDs are blank. The Company - CD MasterCopy - have basically ignored ALL our requests for assistance. I am not sure if you are the correct local Business advocate for me to report for this time of business transaction ... if not, can you assist with who we should refer this total negligence to. After spending so much money in good faith, and then to be ignored in my opinion, is criminal. All the DVDs have now been disposed of. I am disgusted at the behavior of CD Mastercopy and their "Customer Support Representative" Renee ... I can't believe that is her title - Customer Support ... what "support" ??? Thank you for the opportunity to bring this Corporate negligence to your attention. Michael Taylor - All About Fishing.

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  • Ju
      26th of Sep, 2012

    Actually the same happen to me, but worse Renee Luchanaa which her Real Name is Renee Terrelonge and is the scammer, stole $1, 800.00 which I send her as payment for CDS, guess what, she never send me CDS . She is a real smart internet scam-artist, I did a lot of research that I will be giving to the FBI, about this lady, she has different business address, also uses different company names to rip-off innocent people online. I really don't care about the money, but I care about other people been rip-off by Renee Terrelonge or Renee Luchaana if you come across either name is the same person be careful with this lady.

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  • An
      18th of Nov, 2013

    Renee Terrelonge is a big cheat! Be careful while dealing with her and her companies, specifically with respect to money matters. She will cheat you or don't pay you a penny!

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