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Buyer beware! We invested money in Trep-Star’s set-up fees for two multi-disc DVD products and things were going well until we asked about getting a refund for 2nd day guaranteed express shipping that was mishandled by the carrier. The owner responded by immediately cancelling our account (YES!) along with a long, rambling letter about how it wasn’t Trep-Stars fault for the mail carrier’s error. He said there are absolutely no refunds given by TrepStar under any circumstance – apparently even when he takes your money to set-up your projects and cancels your account without warning, leaving you unable to access your products and fulfill your customer’s orders.

Something else to be aware of; Trepstar adds frivolous charges to accounts ($25 “account look-up fee” for failing to send a copy of his invoice with account payment.) Trep-Star’s owner is rude and his customer service is the worst I’ve ever encountered. Run, don’t walk, away from this outfit. I recommend Kunaki for single-disc titles – I’ve used them for years and have been pleased at every turn with their customer service, including shipping refunds.

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      22nd of Jul, 2017

    This customer was angry because they did not understand our service and our terms, and when they realized this, they got mad, wanted to blame someone else, so you guessed it, we got the blame. We ship products using the US post office. We clearly state in our terms, and in several places on our site, that we do not have shipping guarantees, or our prices would just be higher. We choose to keep prices low for our best publishers. We have many publishers that order many titles per day and we need to keep costs low for them so instead of just raising the price across the board and offering unconditional money back guarantees for everything under the sun, we instead, keep costs low, and clearly state that we do not offer guarantees. There is no free lunch. We sell our product for just a few dollars over cost, which is just enough to pay for labor and keep the lights on for our small business. The post office charges us up to $40 for express shipping (used in this case) for a product that only costs $5, and we may only profit $1.

    This customer did not read our terms. The post office may have taken and extra day to deliver the product but that is out of our hands and that's one of the reasons we don't offer guarantees. So even though we did nothing wrong, and if they had bothered find out we don't offer any type of package insurance, they of course, didn't care, and wanted to make their mistake ours...

    This customer disputed the charge of about $50.00 or so. To keep this in perspective, for us to break even on a loss like this means we would have to sell 50 items or more since we only profit a buck or less per order. This customer ordered one single product, yet his actions would result in the equivalent of a loss of over 50 product orders in terms of profit. There is no way we can do business with irrational people that will pull the rug out from under us and use the tricky back door of credit card disputes when we did our part perfectly. Once they started a dispute, we repeated we do not offer shipping guarantees and warned them that we cannot do business with people that do not understand our process, terms, and would instantiate unwarranted disputes like this. They took this to mean we were going to lock them out of their account. We did not, but warned them that it's perfectly within our rights to refuse service to anyone.
    In this case, the post office got the lion share of the money for shipping, but we had to take the blame, and all of the financial loss. I know everyone always says "the customer is always right" but keep in mind that "one bad apple spoils the batch" and it's people with entitlement mindsets like this that raise the cost for the rest of us.

    Thank you, management.

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