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I have been receiving numerous calls to my cell phone. I have requested serval times not to be called and i'm told that they are a collection agency and they will continue calling. I'm a collector myself and i know my laws, per the FDCPA they are not to contact me after they have been advise not to and when the account they are attempting to collect is in dispute. Im very very frustrated with this company they are rude and don't follow the FDCPA!!


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      Aug 21, 2009

    You must not be a very good collect because you sure don't know anything about the FDCPA or what your talking about. There are two ways to make them stop calling you. 1. Pay your bill. 2. Per FDCPA, you have to send them a letter in writting certified mail to cease phone calls. Telling them over the phone will not do one bit of good. Idiot.

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      Dec 23, 2010

    "Area Sick" shouldn't be slinging offensive slurs unless until he check his "idiot" advice. When receiving a phone call from a debt collector, you can absolutely orally request over the telephone, "Do not call this number at anytime, you may contact me regarding this debt by way of U.S. mail, e-mail, FAX, (what ever your preference may be)". In my case, it was a debt my brother owed. Orginally he used my telephone number as a contact number . My brother never lived in my home, I never allowed my brother to use my telephone number for his affairs. My brother never stayed in one place long enough to set up a way to communicate with him. In this case he owed a dentist. It went to collection, and by the time collections received it my brother had been back and forth between the two coasts 6 times! The first time speaking with the collection agency I gave all the information on my brother that I had, which was very little.. They continued to call me!! They basically didn't believe me, I was regretted given them any information at that point. Two months passed, and I was getting calls at least once a day, some days as many as 5 or 6 calls in one day! I contacted an attorney and the attorney advised me to make a plain statement orally (per agency statement, that the conversation is recorded) "DO NOT CALL THIS TELEPHONE NUMBER AGAIN, ANY INFORMATION YOU WISH TO ADDRESS YOU MAY DO SO IN WRITING BY WAY OF --------------------------" This statement is effective if you are the person the collector is seeking, or a innocent party who's number was used" The collector at that point must use that type of communication to address the matter. They can use the address originally given, or an address they found along the way to find the person who is owing. Needless to say this agency did not respond to my plea and I ended up suing them for harassment and won. They tried to say I never made that statement. When I had my dated telephone bills in it's entirety of this whole fiasco. The collection agency conveniently left out that dialed phone call from their records. In essence that was the only call they didn't have "on record" and it was obvious they plucked it out of their own records. Though---- I was warned by the judge I got very lucky, I should have sent a return address, registered letter as a back-up. The collection agency was blatantly fraudulent withholding that record of communication and the judge caught on. So indeed you may make a oral statement and it could hold up in court, however have proof !! By your own recording (that you must state at the get-go, before conversation can continue) or easier, just mail a return addressed, registered letter requesting they may not communicate by way of this telephone number any longer. By the way, what made the agency's creditability far worst, in addition to not having that record of phone call in which I made the statement, they also plucked out all the calls they made after the permitted hours AND the record of a day they called my home 42 times in a 6 hour time frame, simultaneously, with a 2nd agency telephone number! I didn't even know that one until the telephone company sent the records of my incoming calls!! Obviously I wasn't home that day... Thank goodness for the collection agency!

    My guess is that "AREA SICK" is a collector, and a strong probability he's one of those annoying, harassing sub-human shell of a person omitting & throwing out false information so to throw people off the track and not research their rights. At one time I thought being a collector must be the worst job on earth, having to call these people who were suffering hardship (though I'm not oblivious to the bad apples who purposely run up a debt without ever have intentions of paying for the goods/services) . During this process I learned of the real people who are raising a family, trying to stay just above water, not able to take care of their debt with a required lump sum payment these agencies usually require. Go as far as demeaning people for their lack payments (some where even willing to pay only $5.00 a month, that an agency refused) or low payment offer, these agencies continue to haunt, attacking and humiliating people until the person finally goes postal on a former employer, loved ones, origin company of the pass due account. In actuality when these people get to the end of their rope, pushed to the edge, it's done so by these collection agencies and their non-stop harassment, if there has to be a breakdown involving violence it should be done so to these people on the other end of the phone (collection agency reps) . In most of these cases people don't understand their rights, their mental wellbeing is comprised because of their lack of meeting their obligations, letting down their family due to bad times, expensive needed medical services, loss of employment, on welfare, unknowingly thrown into single parenthood etc., The collection agencies will say just about anything because they know these people don't/will not seek counsel on the account they can't afford the $1200 bill the collection agency is calling in the first place!! These days if your not on the streets, then your not poor enough to receive financial help concerning settling these matters unless it's criminal. I don't have ANY debts (Thank God) I've always paid my bills, if I don't have the cash or pay in full by the end of the month, I don't buy it. However, God for bid I should need expensive medical services, or my husband should abandon me & our family, Or loose our jobs... I could be in the same boat as many of these people... Thank God I can sleep easy concerning my financial obligations. This collection had me beside myself! They got me into a rage that took hours to rid. They broke the harmony in my life. They caused confusion, distress, uproar & anger in a home that wasn't experiencing that before their constant barrage of calls. I wanted to hurt them them physically. I never had such hatred in my heart for anyone, especially for people I never met! I wish I had the funds to set up an organization that had a mission to seek out and legally pursuit these types of tactics. Being able to broadcast by any/all media in layman's terms the resources one can do to fight these jackals. Most collection agencies totally break the law of the "Fair Debt Collection Practices of the U.S" or fall just below the radar with their tactics. My experience with the representatives from this particular agency shown me they enjoyed being the harasser, it empowered them to demean and embarrass, and threaten humiliation. They use their job, pursuing collection debts at all costs from unfortunate cases as "SPORT". They love their job for the reason of thinking they had some type of power they normally lack with the people in their everyday life. Much like the folk who hunt not for the meat, rather for the game, the kill.
    So "Area Sick" though your the idiot -- I'm sure you can read between the words when I say "go suck a popsicle!!"

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