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CCNNUTRA, HOODIAWATER.COM, / unauthorized charges three times!!!

1 United States

I ordered the trial sample from ("as seen on 60 Minutes, and Oprah"). (Also, watch what happens when you try to X / close the window. You get barraged with live chat people that don't want to let you go) It was a 30 day trial period then, and now it says it's a 14 day trial. First of all; the "hoodia water" did absolutely NOTHING. Three of my friends, and two co workers tried it also, and NOTHING.

As my Mother had recently passed away, I had to leave town to go resolve some probate issues. I left on the 27Th of June, and returned on the 14Th of July. I can verify that with my receipt from United Airlines. Upon my return, I picked up my mail at the post office. In it, were two envelopes with 2 a bottle of Hoodia Water, one in each. I then checked my credit card statement and saw that I was charged THREE times already. Below is a copy of my credit card statement charges. I called them the day I got home, (July 14Th) and explained I had recently lost my job due to taking too much time off to take care of my Mother, and that she had also recently passed away. And I had been out of town taking care of some probate issues. I explained this to them, and they didn't care. They just said; "Well, that's too bad, you're passed the 30 days, there's nothing we can do for you". "All we can refund is the last charge". I called my dispute department customer service, gave him all the information, and he investigated it. When he called me back the next day, he said that because of the way their terms and conditions are written, they (my credit card company) wouldn't dispute any charges except the last one in July, because It WAS within the 30 days, and also, that I had NO legal leg to stand on for recovery of any other funds they "LEGALLY" absconded with. If you don't LOOK for the small print at the bottom of the page and read it, he said: By the simple "act" of clicking on the "ORDER" button, you legally agree to the terms and conditions. THAT'S their loop hole, and they supposedly DON'T have to give any one's money back, and the customer service people KNOW that. Even though (if you look at the DATES on my charges) they absconded with my money arbitrarily! I don't get it!!!
So, I've just come to notice HOW MANY people they are taking advantage of. All because of some shifty, creative attorney, that wrote an iron clad "terms and conditions" disclosure, (according to my credit card company) they have LEGAL license to screw over EVERYONE!

They are VERY rude, and you can almost "hear the smile on their face" when they get to tell you "There's NOTHING we can do". The customer service people know the "terms and conditions" disclosure verbatim. THAT'S how they make their money! They got me for $128.75 total. I only recovered $44.90 in total. At the time, I just dismissed it, due to my own stupidity, and a crafty attorney.
Here is a copy of my credit card charges, most of them under different names, but the same phone number: (The first two are in the SAME billing cycle, and there was only 16 days in between my second and third charge!!! And NO ONE can do anything about it????????)

5/22 CCN*Hoodiawater [protected], AZ $12.90

6/12 CCNNUTRA [protected], AZ $38.95

6/28 CCNNUTRA [protected], AZ $44.90

7/28 HOODIAWATER [protected], AZ $44.90



I ordered the trial sample from ("as seen on 60 Minutes, and Oprah").

They all came from: FCM
Fulfillment Center
12399 Belcher Road S Ste 140
Largo, FL 33773

Thank you for your time.


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