ccierns.comCheated me with fake workbook

I am from USA. I had very bad experience with this site, This company is really bad.

This company claims that they got the real lab ccie exam questions and diagrams, and is selling their material for thousands of dollars.Before I paid the money, they asked me to provide cisco id and password to verify my candidate status. I didn't give it to them because that was important including my career info.Then, they asked me again to provide unedited screen shot for the same. I gave screenshot of my cisco detail to them as my exam was very near.

After then, I failed the exam with their workbook (questions were not same. solutions were also not matured with many mistakes) and i claimed it to this company with the latest updates.But, they asked me to provide cisco id and password of cisco OLSM webpage to verify my failed status. Of course, I refused this. Then, they rejected my requests and blocked me.

If you don’t give them these info, they will not give you the material even you paid them. What the hell of this bad attitude.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Indianapolis, IN if you send them the info, they know your personal infomation and they can access your cisco profile with this info anytime if they want. After you failed, you cann't claim anything to this company coz they already have your personal information. My friend told me he was also treated the same before.

Guys, please be away from this bad company. they always insist they are the best. But I failed. Just sent them the screenshot including my personal info. It is really sucks. If you guys failed too, they might threaten you in the future if you don't follow their requests. At last stage, you will find that you spent the money and can’t pass the ccie in a short time as you expected. Finally will find out that you just wasted the money.

I lost my personal goal this year. I have to wait for at least 6 months. I feel very bad.. ###ing to my life with this vendor. Don't trust anything from this company. Only believe your skill and knowledge rather than being cheated from this dump company. They basically look for new fools to mug the money and if you insist, they will start asking for CSCO ID.

Some other people over internet have made blog about his cheats:

Dec 19, 2014

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