CCE ComputersUnsuitable hard drive

I brought in a Sony Laptop (VAIO PCG-K37) in for repair to CCE Computers Inc. of Hollywood, Florida after getting a favorable recommendation. The VAIO still had its factory hard drive installed, which was purchase new in 2004, that needed replacement due to noisy bearings. The proprietor/technician replaced the H-D unit with a supposedly compatible and "upgraded" Western Digital from Best Buy, which he recommended. The cost of labor and repair came to $225.00. Unfortunately, when it was picked up, and then immediatly tested, the hard drive proved to be unsuitable. It behaved strangely, for example when playing various rental (DVD's) from Blockbuster that would freeze up (judder). This was blamed then by the same technician on a "dirty" or perhaps "worn out optical drive". Also the computer was returned with a (right side) internal speaker malfunction which appeared to be (blown). The unit was then brought back to CCE Computers Inc. a few days later for correction of the original issue, plus the new speaker problem. It was claimed to be repaired almost a week after with assurances that it was fixed. Well, it was not. Again when testet the laptop still froze up and the right speaker remained silent after having been replaired.

The unit was then taken to another repair facility which diagnosed the problem as being an electrically incompitable hard drive installed. Also the replacement speaker which was used did not match the originals specs. Therefore I had to spend $160.00 to replace the hard drive. The speaker issue remains unsolved. A call to CCE Computers yeilded unfruitful. The individual who operates this business out of his home, was arrogant and accusatory claiming that his experience and expertise was not to be questioned. Please think twice before taking your computer to this faciltiy.


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