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CC Marketing / Rip off

1 Suite B21 Chicago AvenueRiverside, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 951-683-4699

Well Just as Everyone else was scammed so was I ! Is there anything anyone can do to stop these b*****ds. I was told i would receive weekly pay ($175 to $400) and make $30, 000 $40, 000 in my first year, and $50, 000 to $60, 000 my second year. That was all a lie and false info. Not only did I work for free basically, I was lied too, and put in danger by going to urban places to sell the knock off product.

For anyone in the riverside county area be aware of the ad in the Press Interprise stating 'Call Jessica general assistance needed.' This was strange because the person I called ended up being a girl named Heather instead of Jessica. They change their number often too so be careful Due to the fact I was unemployed and desperately needed a job, I ignored the second lie ! I was called for a second interview the same day, and as everyone else was stating there was loud music and so many unprofessional things wrong with the picture I didn't even stop to think.

I was given a card and on the card it stated CC Marketing, which I was told was named after the owner of the office Curtis. Be aware of the contest they have you play to practice your sells skills on family and friends because they only have you do the contest to build the revenue or profit for their office. They also use the word 'motivated' a lot and keeping a positive, right attitude So one day I came to my so called training which don't get me wrong was very organized and interesting but I came in and there was group of people called 'trainers'. The trainers supposedly help you get to know what your selling so you can be confident with your customers or just basic people in urban parking lots.

After your 'trainers' are done training you, they have you sign an independent contractor agreement so if anything happens to you the company isn't responsible for it. After that you basically split up into groups and do door to door sales in parking lots. It was terrible, I was nicely dressed so I became very hot very quickly.

After my second day in the parking lot I quit the job without any contact to the employer. Curse CC Marketing, Curse Heather, And Curse Curtis as well. They use riches and money to lure unemployed people to sale their whack knock off product... My friend sold a grip of bottles and was only given a small portion of what she was said to get which was $1500 cash the next day.

PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THE PAPER WHEN IT COMES TO SEARCHING FOR A JOB. Use Yahoo, or your local job search website to find a job near you. I worked all that time marketing their product and never got paid a dime!


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