CBS Correctional Billing / Phone Calls from Prison

My son is in prison and could not make a call for 10 months, because of CBS Correctional Billing. First of all I have my ph0ne thru AT&T, and connot understand why I need CBS; but was told I do and that AT&T pays CBS. After waiting over 10 months to communicate with my son, we were only able to use the phone for about 8 calls; then CBS Correctional Billing put another Hold on my phone and my son again could not communicate with his family. It is hard enough to do hard time; but NOT able to use the phone is unhumane!! Trying to communicate with CBS is a negative experience also. I tried to talk to a supervisor and waited for 30 minutes only to be told all supervisors were too BUSY to take my call!! CBS could not explain why all the holds were on my phone. They took them off, but said it would probably happen again! I pay my phone bill on time and At&t said it was all CBS Billing and had nothing to do with At&t. I also talked with Marion Correctional Institution and they also said there was no problem with my son making phone calls and that it was totaly CBS Correctional Billing fault. What is wrong with this company and why are they still monopolizing inmates calls? If you have an account with AT&T and have your service set up to receive collect calls~~why do we have to deal with this incompetent company? Shame on them for taking away one of the only things a prisoner has~communication with family. If I could sue them I would, and might see if I can through my lawyer.

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