Cbeyond Phone and Internet Service / Poor Service and Terrible Customer Service

I have been a customer of Cbeyond for nearly two years, our contract with them is up in November and we will celebrate the day we no longer have to deal with them. The amount of money and customers they have cost us is unbelievable. Their services are terrible at best and their customer service is even worse. When I signed up for their service I was frustrated with AT&T and told I wouldn't have to deal with AT&T ever again. That was true, what they didn't tell me is that anytime there is a problem, they don't fix it, they call AT&T to fix it so now there is another step inbetween me and the solution and that step is Cbeyond and their sh*%$y customer service. They stick you on hold for 30 min or longer everytime you call and they never have an answer or an estimated time to resolve the problem or when a technician will be on site because they aren't providing the solution, AT&T is. They always say they will have a technician call you back with an update within 90 minutes. Not once, in the dozens and dozens of times I have been told this has anybody ever called me back. I would give anything to be able to deal with AT&T again. Because of their crappy service we have had AT&T bring in a line in for our internet so now I am paying for both and never have problems with AT&T. Unfortunately I can't do that with our phone lines because we have been advertising the same phone numbers for years, our customers wouldn't find us. I literally hate Cbeyond and the dream of the day I will never have to call them again. There are 3 other businesses in our complex that signed up with them the same time we did and we all have this one thing in common, we can't wait till November.


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