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C&B Getaways, Inc. / Terrible experience

1 PO Box 1638, Oldsmar, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 813-814-1494

I was looking to work from home so that i am able to look after my son who was four months old then. I came across these people who claim pay $10 for every vacation certificate redeemed and they know who to pay by the DID # on each certificate. I am the kind of person that only likes to work for legitimate employers who are legitimate with clients, therefore following research that i did on this site and with the BBB i did not find any complaints whatsoever at that time. This was back in March 2008. I can only guess they must be newer than they claim not to have any complaints at that time.

This company reeled me in to purchase the certificates from them in order to distribute. After them telling me that the average number of certificates redeemed is 20% or slightly higher i did my maths and thought, hmmm, well they are legitimate and honest (i did my checking on them) with people so i can easily work from home and make a fair income.

C. L. Somer is one of the CEO's there and his wife.

I bought envelopes, stamps, the certificates, names and addresses and got to work. I have received two checks from them in total for $20 to date and felt i need to file a report here to warn other people about them that they are thieves and to beware anyone wanting to work for them from home only to discover i now see reports filed and they are not just ripping off potential employees, they are ripping off consumers too. OMG i feel terrible about this. Bad for the consumer and angry at this company. I spent almost $800.00 on my credit card in 0rder to make $2000.00 for 20% of 1000 certificates mailed.

If there is a class action suit against this company for everyone to get their money back then i would be so grateful to be included. Please post the information in Ripoff. Thanks - I Got Conned too :-(

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  • An
      16th of Oct, 2008

    Actually, there is no reason to file a class action suit against C&B. There is no guarantee off income with this program, or any other that I know of, they only suggest what is possible. I have been a distributor of their various vacation and travel certificates for years and have done well. The customers that I know that have used the certificates have been very pleased and thanked me repeatedly. Maybe this program just isn't for you.

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  • Ji
      24th of Oct, 2008

    After reading what his complaint, I wonder if I would ever try mass mailing anything. HOw often I have recieved things in the mail like that and just tossed it! How thorough did he do these mass mailings? Maybe it is just an indication that mass mailings don't really have a good return for the money.

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  • Bo
      28th of Oct, 2008

    Sounds like some ignorant loser, looking for something for nothing. Get a life Dominic.

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  • Tf
      16th of Mar, 2009

    The certificates are mainly used for giveaways and not to sell. I have given away quite a few and was doing pretty good until the economy went bad. People are not spending like they used to even if it is a good deal. When the economy comes back, try giving them away instead of trying to sell them, which it sounds like you did and you will see a nice profit.

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  • Sm
      22nd of Apr, 2009

    I love this program and have been very successful with it. The way she went about it was her problem. Mailing out something like this is just not the way to go. Im sorry that she had difficulty but I think she was expecting something for nothing. I have used certificates 2 different times as a customer and had a great time. Just my 2 cents.

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  • Hi
      25th of May, 2009

    I have seen this same complaint cut and paste on other complaint sites. One one site the company president gave a thorough and thoughtful rebuttal. The person complaining here does not have a legitimate beef. I don't want to promote other complaint webites here in respect for this this. But if you look you will find it. This person has some personal grudge and the claims are false or greatly exagerrated.

    I have used C&B certificates (all 3 types) in my real estate business. When I am working with a prospective buyer/seller I give one away of their choice. Sure a large portion do not redeem them as stated on C&B's website. But it is a great promotion item. And never once has the company failed to deliver to the person redeeming the certificate or paying me my $10.00. But frankly the $10.00 is just gravy because for me the real value is using them as a promotion. If I ever received a single complaint from someone I gave the certificate to I would not use them again. But that has not happened.

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  • Gc
      19th of Dec, 2009

    C&B Getaways? A SCAM? You've GOT to be kidding! This is one of the most legitimate businesses I've ever encountered on the Internet. I am a distributor and haven't even yet put a lot of effort into it and have received nice checks from them.

    This is a family-owned business who put a lot of emphasis on integrity and honesty. They don't gouge you or nickel-and-dime you. They pay some of the highest commissions out there for the travel industry. They don't make a profit off of the certificate printing. It costs them $0.15 to print them, and that's what they sell it to us for. They clearly say they it's not a get-rich-quick business, and it's not; but some of their distributors have made in excess of $100, 000 in one year. Those are the ones treating it as a business and not a hobby.

    The owners are great and the business is an awesome business that will progressively put money in your pocket. Anybody that claims they have a legitimate beef against them is a joke, in my opinion. I wish there were more companies out there with their kind of integrity!

    G. Clark, MD

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  • Le
      10th of Jun, 2010

    sometimes a complaint web site is ok to check out than decide for yourself, whatever makes sence to you. the business that I am doing there is a need for this if you are in the mailing business.get back to me if you want cant realy do any kind of mailings with out this.[protected]

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  • Dj
      27th of May, 2012

    I dealt with a similar company in the past; there is no magic "rich overnight' with this type of business offer. It's based on how many certificates are redeemed. Quite frankly, I would say it depends on the demografics of your area's customer base. In my hometown, I wasn't able to get a whole lot of certificates redeemed. Howerver, when I went to several of the active duty military bases close to town, a lot of people gobbled them up! Hell, I think I'd be ready for a free vacation too if I just got back from Iraq! But still, this type of venture requires patience, and it appears the people who are complaining just didn't have enough. If you already have a steady income & are looking to supplement it, then this may be good for you. If you're looking to become rich overnight, reconsider...

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  • Cl
      23rd of Sep, 2012

    I've been using the vouchers for extra cash for 10 years. I love the hotels and my clients love the hotels too. It has slowed down a little because of the economy, but I still give them away as gifts and in my marketing, then I get money back when they are redeemed. You can't go wrong with that. I even resell the certificates online at ; something new we're trying is, which is turning my voucher spending money to bigger cash.

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