Cayman Rehab Services / diode laser from seaheart group limited

1 United States

We are appalled and disgusted with this company. They are not cooperative in assisting us with the NEW machine that we bought from them and to think its new, were not suppose to do some trouble shooting to make it work. Its unacceptable for a New Machine to give us lot of trouble in our business. We have been so lenient with them, trying different instructions from them, doing this and doing that. Giving us false hope that the machine will be working after step one, then trying another step over and over again. but nothing seems working with their machine. Its been three weeks already and this machine is not yet working. The machine wont work, we have had the engineer 5 times and we corresponded to every check points they've send us. We have done everything and more to try to have it working, only a big company loss we have suffered. And now we are asking for a refund or a NEW machine, a real New one without any issues but they wanted us to try another instructions from them. It is our right as a customer to demand that refund since we haven't use the machine and it is still under warranty!!!

We are urging you not to buy anything from SEAHEART GROUP LIMITED because they are unprofessional and they don't want to cooperate with their buyer. Buyers satisfaction is your main goal supposedly but we are very DISAPPOINTED!!!

Sep 14, 2017

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