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I have been renting here for two and half years, and I am looking for better place factually. The apartment they have rented me is real garbage..they are never bothered to even get it cleaned by hiring someone. It reminds me of Joes Apartment. The kitchen is full of cockroaches and I cant really bare them any more. I have written mails multiple times but each time I failed to get the right to who will look into the matter. My contract for the year is getting over and I wish really I get a better house so I can call it my home.


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      Sep 06, 2009

    NEVER EVER! take cayce & gain as a good realistate company. The house across from us was rented four different times in four years, that should tell you something (alot of problems).I don't even see how there still in business. These people are heartless and cruel money hungry pigs.

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