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I ordered the bride and groom towels through a living social deal for $4.99 in september 2016 - 7 months ago. I got some sort of "sorry, we're behind processing orders, give us 3 weeks to catch up, pinky promise" email afterward and then never heard from them again. I eventually left a review on living social complaining I never got my order.

Well, now I get an email today saying they cancelled my order due to "unforeseen circumstances." so I checked and saw they are now offering the same towels on groupon for $18.99, over 3x the amount I paid... And from what I can see their track record isn't so hot over there either.

I can only conclude that the "unforeseen circumstances" based on this are that they decided the money I paid wasn't enough and that it was perfectly okay to breach the deal they made with me through living social by cancelling my order. Perhaps they also got offended by the poor review I left them on living social, stating I never got my order? If so, then boo frickin' hoo, cay boutique, maybe you should honor your customers by getting them their products on time. The egg is on your face judging from all the other unhappy customers i'm seeing here as well as on groupon and living social.

I'm declaring fraud, and a bait and switch. For the price they now want on groupon, I can get nice bath towels in mine and my husband's favorite colors and have a place at my nearby mall embroider them instead, meaning I support local businesses, I won't have to pay shipping, and everyone except cay boutique wins.

Apr 12, 2017
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      Apr 13, 2017

    so they cancelled my order as well through groupon after four days before they told my order was shipping out in 24 hours. Do to no supplies! Lol ok so I emailed groupon and told them this and I asked why still selling their product?! With all the complaints and charges of fraud you think they would stop selling this company stuff

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