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St Cloud Fl, US
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I purchased a voucher from LivingSocial. I submitted my order on Dec 22, 2016 at which time I received an email from CayBoutique saying thank you for the order and that I will receive an email when the item is sent. When I did not receive anything from them, I emailed them again on January 28, 2017. When I still did not receive a reply, I emailed them again on February 28, 2017. Once again I emailed them today. I researched them online and found many similar complaints with this company. LivingSocial was able to credit my LivingSocial account to allow me additional purchases on their site. I paid CayBoutique the $4.99 shipping fee so I am probably out that unless my c/c company will return that on my c/c. I will be reporting the CayBoutique to BBB. Buyer beware!

Mar 13, 2017

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