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Cavalier Telephone - DSL Online Service / Cavalier telephone company is a true nightmare

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I have never taking this far to complain about a company, but this time, I have to do it. I was a CSR myself many years ago, I understand how hard is to work for a company that have bad service/system, but I still have to say this is by far the worst company I have ever deal with and I dont feel bad for the people whom working for them. It's a long complaint but this is the result of a customer whom spent HOURS on the phone before even get her service to begin with. This is the result of 3 weeks build up anger. I appreciate if you can read even a little bit.

In the BBB complaint form, they asked me which department's service that I am complaint about, actually, every departments of this company have problem.

Episode 1: The service was ordered around 11/20/07, 11/23/07 my modem is still not in my mail box, I understand it may take a while but I want to see if there is a tracking number for this. I called the customer service. After over 40min I waited on the phone try to speak with a CSR without success, I got scared about their service. I was a CSR before and for me, usually bad CSR service means bad company. I hang up and called the next day early in the morning try to cancel the service, only the sales department opens on Sat. after 12 noon and they told me they can't stop my order, (are you serious???) I can only comfort myself: if the service is indeed as fast as they said so, maybe I don't have to deal with them that much later, after all, I just need a stable service.

Episode 2: The modem for DSL arrived 11/25 but also get a mail 2 days later that my service will not start until 12/04/07. My spouse works as a doc. and need go online to check his mail, log into hospital terminal and check daily is very critical to him, but what can we do? We waited. (MEANWHILE, THEY CHARGED ME 39.95 FOR INSTALLATION CHARGE. I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD BILL THEM THAT AMOUNT FOR I INSTALLED EVERYTHING MYSELF)

Episode 3: Finally, the service was on 12/04/07 in the evening, and the very next day 12/5/07 noon it stopped. I called support, the technician Mario was so rude and he couldn't help me after 40 min on the phone with him. (he also lied to me that if I use any modular outlet for modem that is over 6ft. I will not get a online signal at all!!)At the end, he told he need to send someone to take a look at this right away, he also promised me someone will contact me within 4 hours, I looked at the clock, it's 3:48pm and I said to my spouse, I am telling you they are not going to call, I bet you a $1000 on that." I have to make a decision at that point; I called up COMCAST, ordered their DSL, 4:15pm we are out the door to pick up a cable modem from the local COMCAST office for self installation. In the car I call up Cavalier to cancel my service, 4:30pm I got my Comcast modem, 4:45pm I am back at home and still I was on hold for Cavalier waiting to speak with a live person. 4:50pm, I gave up and I hang up. 5:30pm my online cable with Comcast was fast and I was surfing the net. We went to bed around 9:30pm that night, nobody from Cavalier ever called. I won the bet.

Episode 4: Learning my lesson, I called 8:00am in the morning 12/6, not too long of a wait since they just open up, I talked to Miss ID 23200. This girl claiming she is an account manager and she impatiently listened to my complaint, she claimed she canceled my service and there is no confirmation # needed to prove her procedure. She also said that the FedEx will pick up the modem for free for the next 2-3 business days. I asked her what the specific time is, she lied " Sat. between 8-12" and she will send me an Email as confirmation. I know nobody will do a pick up on a Sat. for its very expensive, I knew she lied on the spot, but I didn't say anything, I hang up and I laughed, not because it is funny but I really feel sorry for myself. ( I never get an Email)

Episode 5: 11/7/07, I went online and did a live chat, JoannD from Palm Harbor FL, she assisted me, she told me it will take 5-7 days to disconnect a service and they do not pick up modem and they do notsend Email confirmation. I knew she was not lying; BUT, she said there is a pre-paid label has been sent out to me for me to send back the box, and I will have to wait until the account to be canceled then call them back to dispute all the charges. Ok I did copy and paste our online chat and I can't help it but to post most of the part here to let you see

Thank you for chatting with Cavalier Telephone! A Customer Service representative will be with you shortly.

Thank you for using the Cavalier Telephone Live Chat Service. My name is JoannaD, in Palm Harbor, FL. How may I help you?

JoannaD: For security purposes, may I please have your complete name (first and last) and billing address including City, State, and Zip Code?


JoannaD: How may I help you?

Jing Sun: yes, I want to confirm there is a pick up for your modem for tomorrow

Jing Sun: between 8-12

Jing Sun: and I want to confirm my service has been canceled

JoannaD: One moment please while I find that information for you.

Jing Sun: ok

Jing Sun: I also want to confirm I should receive no bill for my service since I never used it.

JoannaD: Yes order # 4830411

Jing Sun: order?

Jing Sun: is that for Fedex pick up?

JoannaD: To cancel service that is the order confirmation # .

JoannaD: no

Jing Sun: ok

JoannaD: Service has billed.

Jing Sun: why?

JoannaD: Once order completes to cancel line you may contact customer care for credit request.

JoannaD: Why what?

JoannaD: We do not pick up modems.

Jing Sun: do you have someone with ID 23200

Jing Sun: she is an account manager, I talked to her

Jing Sun: and she verified I will not get billed for something I didn't use

JoannaD: I am also an accounts manager.

JoannaD: I understand

Jing Sun: and she also told me the fedex will pick up on Sat. 8-12

Jing Sun: I didn't made those days up mam

Jing Sun: she told me all that

Jing Sun: and also she said I should not have to pay for something I never used

JoannaD: I do not know who you spoke with we do not send email confirmation. your account has already been billed. The disconnect is in process but it has not yet completed. We do not send fed ex to pick up modems.

JoannaD: Again

Jing Sun: does your company have a management team?

JoannaD: Once the account is disconnected you will need to call in and request for credit. They will credit for no use .

JoannaD: Yes.

Jing Sun: can I have their direct phone number?

Jing Sun: I need to complain

JoannaD: There is not a direct number to management team. To speak to someone else you would need to call [protected] if that rep can not help you you may request an account manager such as myself.


Jing Sun: besides, the lady such as yourself, another account manager told me you will pick it up

Jing Sun: and she also said I will not get billed

JoannaD: I understand your concern with the bill. Billing begins systematically the date the service is installed at the outside box. If you plug into your outside box you will find out service active. A tech would need to be sent to check wiring from box to inside to see why your dial tone is not coming in however you have chose to cancel. Once cancelled you may request credit of the billing due to no use.


JoannaD: We are able to send you a return label for you to mail back to avoid any expense to return. This was requested when you requested to cancel the service.

Jing Sun: i did requested 2-3 days ago

JoannaD: I can not speak for what someone else has advised you I can only advise what the correct process is.

JoannaD: Yes on 12/5 the order was submitted to cancel service.

Jing Sun: so,do you see there's a return label been send out????

JoannaD: Yes.

Jing Sun: if I receive your bill, I guess I have to call you guys again and wait for another 45 min before I speak to a live person?

JoannaD: You may chat or call either way once line is disconnected we can place the request for credit. The reason we advise to wait is to ensure you receive the proper credit in the event another bill comes out.

Jing Sun: credit?

Jing Sun: you mean a credit on file

Jing Sun: or credit as a check?

Jing Sun: why can't you revise the billing?

Jing Sun: you can't post it through your system?

JoannaD: Credit to reverse billing.

JoannaD: Not until the account cancel order is complete.

Jing Sun: I see, and can I have your ID number?

JoannaD: 19353

Jing Sun: I couldn't believe there's not a supervisor in this company?

JoannaD: What?

Jing Sun: I have been working in the call center for 4 years

Jing Sun: and I have never heard a company doesn't have a supoervior that I can speak over the phone

JoannaD: Please do not put words in for me I never said there was not super visors.

Jing Sun: you said I have to call that free number

JoannaD: Please reread chat I already advised to speak with another account manager call in.

JoannaD: Yes.

JoannaD: That is how you would speak to them

Jing Sun: I don't want to speak with another account manager

Jing Sun: I want to speak with the general manager

Jing Sun: I have a feeling, CSR in your company everyone is an account manager

JoannaD: An account manager and supervisor is the same thing we just title it differently.

JoannaD: we have customer service reps and the managers above them.

Jing Sun: if I want to speak to your boss, who should I call?

JoannaD: If you speak with a rep and they are not able to assist feel free to request a manager.

Jing Sun: don't get me wrong, you are very professional

Jing Sun: but I need to be-able to speak to your boss

Jing Sun: so,how can I speak to your boss

JoannaD: I do apologize live chat is not a one on one session. Live chat is also speaking with other customers. To speak to someone above me you will need to call in to the number I have provided above.

Jing Sun: have you called your toll free number before?

JoannaD: Do you have any other questions that I can answer for you today?

Jing Sun: do you know how long you have to wait to speak with someone?

JoannaD: I do apologize this is the only option I can provide.

Jing Sun: your phone # is free but my cell phone is not

JoannaD: Do you have any other questions that I can answer for you today?

Jing Sun: just one question, the order for cancel my account is 4830411

Jing Sun: and there is a sticker send out for me to send my modem back

Jing Sun: according to you, right?

JoannaD: Yes, Yes.

JoannaD: That is correct.

Jing Sun: Thanks for your help then.

Jing Sun: I shall trouble you nomore

........... (THERE IS NOT EVEN A "goodbye") FROM THIS LADY

it's ok, she is not too bad at least, or maybe it's just that I can't hear voice tone over the chat.

Episode 6: Today is 11/11/07, I got a bill for $88.01, not only they are charging me the $39.95 installation fee, but they are also charging $2 Data Recovery Charge, whatever that is. I went online for I can't use my cell phone call them all the time and I never had a home phone, sure enough, it's that JoannD girl from FL again. I didn't even bother talk to her and I logged off, I already knew what kind of service I am going to get from her. Seems to me she is the only online chat CSR in this company. BTW, no label in the mail either. This company only operates in east coast it doesn't take more than 3 days to receive a letter in the mail.

The finally words: I have a feeling, this is going to be a LONG winter for me, and this is going to be a LONG battle. After all, they have my SSN and they can ruin it if I don't get this done correctly and completely.

The bottom line is a company like this need to pay a bit more to their employee to provide good service. They need to hire more quality employees, period. Their service is horrible in every aspect and I will never use them ever again. On top of that, I will let everyone I know not to use them either.

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  • Ly
      27th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have spend hour upon hour, which I do not have as my husband is at M CV with a very grave illness, trying to get my email with Cavalier to work. No one calls back, and this is after spend hours on hold and listening to a message that is awful.
    Please have someone call me who can help.

  • Sw
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    We have had Cavalier for over 3 years, and much to my surprise, they automatically renewed our contract, for another 3, without telling us. The phone service is unreliable and the internet and e-mail is even worse. Our phone at our business was recently out for over a week, and after about 3000 phone calls, we finally got our local phone co to fix, since Cavalier basically has no customer service. I also found out that we could get the same service, or so their website advertises (no longer believe anything Cavalier says), if we were new customers, for about half of what we pay, but we are locked into this contract where we pay more. In my last conversation with Cavalier, I was told that I could cancel my service, but would have to pay for the remaining term on my contract, and every month I pay my bill, my blood pressure sky rockets. Take my advice, from experience, do a lot of research before you buy, check the internet for complaints first, and ask what the penalties are for getting out of a contract, so you won't have to pay for a crap service you don't want.

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