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Cavalier Telephone / Lack of service from Cavalier Telephone Company!

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Cavalier Telephone Co, branch that services Baltimore Maryland. Their email address is feedback AT I've already emailed this company. My story is below for all to read:

This is in reference to phone number [protected]. I don't have exact dates nor everyone's name that I talked to, but to the best of my recollection, and the few notes I do have here's what I personally think. I'm going to be as kind as I can. Though this is a lengthy reply, I hope it conveys to you the length of time my problem has existed, and still exist as I write this. I ask only that you bear with me and read this to the end.

First off I'm not the kind that usually complains. When there are problems I don't mind waiting them out when it appears that those in charge, and in power, to resolve the problem, are working on fixing things. This experience has been so terrible, for me, that for the first time I am not going to just suffer it without at least writing to complain. I'm not going to just write to you, I'm also sending a copy of this email along with my complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

First off, I'm a long time Verizon phone and DSL customer. I'm 50 years old and have been a Verizon customer since I was 16. I decided to try and save a few buck by giving cavalier a try. That decision turned out to be among the worst decisions I've made in years. For me it has been a nightmare.

I called around the beginning to middle of January 2007 to find out all thats involved in becoming a cavalier phone and DSL customer. The gentleman that I talked to handled things smoothly and it appeared that it would be a painless transition.

He said he couldn't give me exact dates but it would be about a couple of weeks before I'm changed over, and that I shouldn't experience any disruption in phone or dsl service.

I received my cavalier DSL kit close to the end of January with a letter stating that my DSL service would be activated on Feb 1, 2007. On Tuesday, Jan 30, I'm guessing about noon, my phone service stopped working. I figured that my service was being switched so I didn't worry.

When it still wasn't working the next day I decided to call and inquire. I was told by a young lady that my service should be on. She stated that a tech would be sent out to take care of the problem, but it would take approximately 2 days. I gave her my cell phone number so that I could be reached by them if need be. About 2 days later (I think it was a Thursday) a cavalier tech showed up. He checked in my basement, and in my yard, and discovered that I had no dial tone, and told me that an outside tech was needed to get the dial - tone signal to my house. He let me know that cavalier uses Verizon's techs to bring the dial tone from the pole to the house. He told me that it would take, maybe 2, up to 4 days, to get a Verizon tech to the house. He said I should get a call, either that day, or the next, confirming that a Verizon tech was scheduled and when to expect him. I received the call (From a Ronnie at [protected]) and the tech was due the next week (I'm almost positive it was on that next Monday, Feb 5th), and I was to make sure he had access to my yard. I stayed home the scheduled day, and unlocked my gate for the tech that morning. I never saw any tech that day, but didn't worry because I was told that he wouldn't contact me unless he needed too.

When my phone service still wasn't on by that night, I tried calling my home number from my cell phone. I got a dial tone and ringing in the ear piece of my cell phone but nothing on my home phone. I called cavalier and let them know my situation. To the best of my recollection, a tech arrived the next day (Tues Feb 6th). He was a different tech than the one that came the first time. He checked in my basement. He checked all my wiring by cutting the in-house wires from the lines that came in from the outside. He used some hand held gadget and explained to me (the best I can recall) that if a dial tone was on the out side line, we would be hearing a fast busy signal via the gadget he held. We heard nothing. He stated that Verizon's tech said that there was a dial tone on the line, but there was none. This tech too, explained to me that a Verizon tech was definitely needed to come to my house and make sure that I had a dial tone from the pole to my house.

After this 2nd cavalier tech left I received a call from someone named Christine on the same number as above. She gave a call back number of [protected]. Her call was to set up a vendor meet, where a cavalier tech and a Verizon tech, was to meet at my house, at the same time, and stay until the problem was resolved. If I remember correctly the vendor meet was scheduled for the next day (Weds Feb 7th) at 11 am and that someone would have to be there to give the necessary access. My wife took off from work and stayed home that day. However, we received a call that day from Christine stating that the vendor meet would have to be rescheduled because Verizon's tech would not be able to make it and the meet could not go on with only one tech there. So the vendor meet was rescheduled.

I'm not sure, but I think the rescheduled day didn't take place until Monday or Tuesday of the next week (Feb 12th or 13th). That day, cavalier's tech showed up (This was the same tech that came to my house for cavalier the first time) but Verizon's tech did not. To this point no Verizon techs have shown up at my property to help resolve this issue. The 1st cavalier tech looked at the wiring that the 2nd cavalier tech had cut and left hanging. He waited about 5 minutes and left saying that he was going to try to get hold of the Verizon tech. A few minutes later I noticed that the cavalier tech's truck was gone, so I called Christine to inform her of the situation and inquire about my status. She informed me that she hadn't heard from the the tech and that she wished he had called while he was still at my home so that she could have helped to contact Verizon to see what the problem was.

Christine put me on hold for a few minutes while she investigated. When she returned to the phone she told me that she had bad news for me. She was very apologetic when she informed me that, through the communication between cavalier and Verizon, that cavalier had inadvertently given the incorrect address of 2108 Harford Rd instead of my address, which is, 2808 Harford Rd, to Verizon. She apologized and told me that it was a mistake on cavalier's part. She also said that if I decided to change my mind about trying cavalier she would understand, but if I decided to stay with cavalier she would stick with me personally until all problems were resolved.

Despite of the major inconveniences I, and my family, had endured to that point, I decided to continue with the process. This was for two reasons, mainly. For one, I understand that sometimes things just happen. Sometimes things are out of our control, and through no fault of, or maybe just a little fault of, our own, sometimes, things just happen. Secondly I decided to stay the course, because up until this point, despite of how badly things seemed, everyone for the most part seemed to have a helpful attitude toward resolving the situation. Except for the 2nd cavalier tech just cutting my wires and then just leaving them like that, and the 1st cavalier tech (on his 2nd visit-- the 2nd failed vendor meet) just leaving me with the impression that he was trying to contact the Verizon tech, not letting me know that he had left the premises for good. Up until this point, though unhappy with the situation, I still wanted to give cavalier a try.

Christine had also explained to me that it would take some time to straighten things out. My order would have to be put in again and could take up to another 7 to 10 days to be completed. I asked her this, since mine is a pre-existing order can it be escalated or expedited? I also asked her, since we have been through all we have been through, could someone, somewhere help move this along? I also explained to her that time was taken off from work to meet the techs, that all 3 in my household are students, and that we need the phone and our internet access to complete assignments. She stated that she understood and would do all that she could to help, but that the way Verizon works, it could not be speeded up unless she bugged them to the point where they just moved my case up on their own. She stated that she had no control over whether my order was moved up by them or not.

She told me that she was moving to another building the next day, but would call back to give me her direct number, and that she would stick with me until it was resolved (This was the week that ended on Fri, Feb 16th). I'm sorry to say that I have not heard from her since that conversation.

I waited approximately one week before calling to find out the status of my order. When I called your service rep (I didn't note his name--I should have) told me there was a problem with my order. That I must have moved or gave them a different address, or something. I assured him that I had not move and that I had been living at this current address for 15 years. He stated that I must have done something because Verizon has me down at address 2108 Harford Rd and that since I was coming from Verizon, that Verizon already had my address, and that was the address that they had. I explained to him what Christine had explained to me about the address mix up. I was letting him know, in polite terms some of what I had been through so far, only to hear another problem had popped up. He told me that everything I was saying to him was irrelevant because it was in the past. That was the first point during my entire ordeal with cavalier that I felt any kind of anger. I could not believe that a person representing cavalier, a company I was now bending over backward to become a customer of, was saying that all I had been through was irrelevant. I reminded him that I was a customer and that even if it was irrelevant (which it was not) it was not his place to tell me that something I was going through, as a customer, was irrelevant. I also told him that it was not in the pass, it is in the present because I am still going through it. I am still having problems that are not resolved. He told me two more times that what I was telling him was irrelevant. He was determined to tell me my situation was irrelevant.

I asked to speak to someone else because at that point I could not, comfortably, continue to talk with him. He transferred me to a young lady who stated her name was Linda, I explained to Linda my situation, as far as my order was concerned, and what I had just gone through with the person that transferred me to her. Linda empathized with me and offered me the first month complimentary (confirmation # for the credit was 244251--just making note of it) I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor so that I could formally complain against the person that transferred me to her. Before transferring me Linda, stated that she was transferring me to a supervisor named M's Vanessa Barnes at ext. 4982. However, when the phone stopped ringing the voice mail message was a man's voice who stated that his name was Kevin. I left a brief message, that included my complaint, my cell phone number and my desire for someone to call me back. I must say when it came to dealing with a company I have never, ever felt as helpless as I feel when dealing with your company. I never did find out the status of my order which was the reason for my call.

Throughout this ordeal people we know have been telling us that they have been calling us and leaving messages. So the line is active somewhere but not here. Until recently my internal wiring was not connected at all to the outside wiring. If the signal was coming to my property all callers would have been getting a constant busy signal. I called our number using directions received in the mail and retrieved our messages.

I waited a couple of days more before calling back to find out the status. I was told, by a young lady, that my order was on hold because my address could not be verified. I asked her what did she mean? She said that they could not verify my address in the system. I told her i didn't understand, after all, their (meaning your) techs came out to my house on a total of 3 separate occasions. She said she could see that, but that my address couldn't be verified. She stated that for my order to be filled, first, my address had to be verified then it would take a few to complete the setup days. I requested a supervisor this call too.

I did not get the supervisor's name but she is the last person that I talked to concerning my order. This date was February 21, 2007. I asked the supervisor if a tech could be sent out to repair the in-house telephone wiring, that the 2nd tech that came to my house had cut away from the outside wiring coming into my house, when he was troubleshooting the dial tone issue, which has not been fixed yet. I let her know that my desire was to cancel the order and go back to Verizon. The supervisor told me that a tech could not come out until after my address had been verified, and my order completed. Only then could a tech be sent out to repair the wiring that was cut and she didn't know how long that would take. Then she told me that I could not cancel the order. I asked her what did she mean? She told me because my name was not on the order I could not cancel it. I reminded her that I was the one that called and placed the order, I handled all the calls for the order, and that except for the one time my wife took off from work (for the 1st attempt at the vendor meet that didn't happened) I was the one that stayed to meet all scheduled techs, even the ones that never showed from Verizon. That supervisor told me that it didn't matter.

On 2/21/2007 I made arrangements with Verizon to have my service returned back to Verizon retaining our original phone number. Just this past weekend I paid to have the wiring reconnected. Verizon made an attempt today to reconnect our number, but now the line has a DSL signal on it too. Where ever that signal is going it is not coming to my house. I have no phone signal or DSL signal here at 2808 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218. Cavalier has sent both the phone and DSL signal to someone else's home, I guess. To top it off, we have received a bill, for account number 3746855, with a statement date of 02/16/2007, and have yet to receive any service. Not that we want any service at this point.

If you bore with me until this point I thank you very much. Getting this off of my chest does not make me feel any better about my experience. I feel so strongly about this situation that I fully intend to send a copy of this email to the Better Business Bureau and a hard copy to your company headquarters. I have spent 18 years in the hospitality service industry. I know very well how customers are suppose to be treated. I know that when you lose a customer, you don't just lose the immediate revenue, but also the future revenue from that customer and other customer brought in by that customer. Over a period of time you could be talking about many thousands of dollars. I'm sure it's just a few bad apples, or a few good people just having bad days. They have cost your company money. I hope that they are not reflective of management.

All of the above was written yesterday. I just want to add that I decided to use a new phone number and Verizon has me connected again. We dearly wanted to keep our old number, which we've had for 15 years, but loosing it is just another of many bad experiences this decision to try Cavalier has cost us. Out of curiosity I just dialed our old number, [protected], and it still rings somewhere, but not here.

Ricardo Jobes.

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  • Sl
      13th of Apr, 2007
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    Oh my God, I SOOO AGREE.

    Cavalier Telephone Company couldn't offer me a YEAR for free to come back to them.

    I was a long-time Comcast customer. When I learned about Cavalier offering digital TV and internet service at a cheaper rate than Comcast, I decided to give them a try. What did I have to lose?

    Little did I know, MY SANITY.

    In general, I am a very understanding and agreeable person. I rarely get angry, and always try to work with my but I am at my wit's end with these people, and I don't even have service with them anymore! My experience with this company has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!

    They initially created 2 accounts for me. When I first received a bill for 2 different accounts, I called to inform them of this. The representative that I spoke with (I think her name was Heather) seemed nice enough and willing to help.
    She told me which account was actually active, and informed me that the in-active account would be canceled and the balance zeroed out, so I wouldn't have to worry about it from that point on. This was on a Friday I believe.

    So the following Monday I come home to find my service isn't working. I call them to see what's going on, and they tell me they've closed that account. I figure, okay, maybe Heather accidentally got the two accounts confused... whatever. So I try to get it straightened out during this phone call.

    They ("Customer Service") tell me that Tech "Support" has to straighten this whole mess out. I'm transferred twice, then on hold for 1/2 hour waiting for Tech "Support". I finally get someone on the line and explain my problem. He says he needs to check into a couple things and puts me on hold again for 45 minutes without even checking back with me to let me know he's working on the problem!!

    Thankfully, when he comes back on the line, he instructs me to do a couple things and my service seems to be working. I was supposed to have my account credited for this inconvenience. They say it'll take "1-2 billing cycles." This is BS they just say to pacify you so you can hang up.

    Moving on. I come home the next week and notice AGAIN that neither of my services are working. I call and get a different rep this time. I tell her what's going on, and that I've had this problem before. She says she'll look into it to find out what was going on and PROMISES she'll call me back because it might take a little while.

    Still waiting on that call.

    By this point, I'm starting to get frustrated because aside from this situation, I'd had several other issues with my service being interrupted. Please keep in mind I hadn't even been a customer for a full month before all these problems started taking place.

    That was on a Saturday. I call back on Monday morning and speak with Jewel. I'm explaining to her, in not so patient language anymore, what has happened and that I just want my service to work.

    She apologizes for my inconvenience, promises a $10 credit to my account for my troubles, and explains that it'll be 10 days before they can hook my service up again because my account had been canceled completely...

    I should have jumped ship at this point, I don't know why I didn't.

    It took them 5 weeks to finally get someone out to re-connect my service. During this 5-week period I made several calls to find out what was taking so long. They gave me all kinds of run-around and excuses.

    Once my service was back up and running, I called Cavalier to have them credit my account for the 5 weeks I went without service. Again, there goes the "1-2 billing cycles" BS.

    The next day, my service went out AGAIN. At this point, I'm thinking this HAS to be a joke. I called them and got a rep named Fontay (?), who seemed pretty clueless.

    It must have been divine intervention or something, because a couple days after that, a Comcast salesman came knocking on my door offering me a much lower rate for my cable and internet service if I switched back to them.

    I took the deal and RAN. I called Cavalier (which is a perfectly fitting name given their attitude toward their customers!) and canceled my service a few days later. They informed me that I needed to return their equipment, which I GLADLY did.

    I thought that was the end of my drama with them, but like 2 weeks later I get a bill from them stating that I owe $325.00!!!

    I call up and get another rep (forgot his name), he told me those charges were for equipment that I didn't return. When I explained that I had the receipt to prove I did, he told me to disregard the bill, they'd be sending out a revised one showing the correct amount due (which should be damn near nothing given all the credits THEY owe ME!).

    I get yet another bill from them today stating that they are going to report my account to a collections agency.....!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to call them first thing tomorrow (Saturday) morning since they close at 5 p.m. EST and I don't get off work until then and let them know of my intentions to file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    I have NEVER, EVER IN MY LIFE experienced such headache from a company. If you were thinking of doing business with Cavalier, be warned: RUN THE OTHER WAY.

    Needless to say, I'm now more thankful than I ever was for Comcast.

  • Da
      18th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I'm a new Cavalier customer, and although I did read one complaint before signing up, it didn't compare to the AT&T complaints I read... Well not initially. I did not see these two complaints. I certainly wish I had. I was with AT&T, which had billing problems and trouble with pricing etc., so I decided to switch to Cavalier. Boy when they say it will take 7 to 10 days, that means 15 to 20 days to get service. I have had service for almost a month now, and have not received a welcome letter, bill or anything. I am still waiting on my DSL service. What gets me is that when I called today to ask questions, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, the representative listened to my questions, and instead of checking on the problem, she lied to me and said she will get someone to help me, and transferred me back to the menu, where I received a message that Cavalier is now closed. This is the second time this has happened to me when calling Cavalier, so it's like a tactic. When they don't want to answer questions, they will disconnect you or put you back in the phone menu system until closing time. SO I will call them bright and early Monday morning on that note!

  • Jo
      20th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have been called by caviler two times---each call interupting my business day--I work from home. Twice they got my hopes up for a smaller bill. The first time, they finally called me back after a week or so and told me that this was not available in my area.---Why did they continue to waste my day on the phone??? I don't know. The next time they called me it took forever for the order to be processed. And the guy called me back to verify what we already talked about in the first place--another 45 minutes later that was done. He said that someone would contact me to set me up with their high speed internet, and change the phone line---within a few days. No one ever called me or came by. I did get another sales call for the very same sales pitch. I told him that I was waiting for this to happen. Since then, I got a new At&T bill even larger than the one before. I can not contact the Cavalier company, so I don't what is going to happen next. I'm still getting billed by At&T and my bill is even higher than it was. If anybody has a way to get my bills cheaper---let me know. I have an 877-number, 734-same number, 734-faxnumber--all for business. I also have 1 734number for my home phone-I do not want to change that number, I've had it for 23 years.
    Has anyone heard of majicjack?????I bought 2 of them, but havenot used them yet--Any suggestions on how I can use them with my business phone and home phone????

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