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Catinality.Com / Orchestrated diabolical plot 4 money

1 CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 818-574-8893

Complaint Against: Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake
Breeder: Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake
Cattery: Catinality.Com
Address: 942 Stanely Avenue
City Escondido, Ca 92026
Phone: [protected]
Complaintant: Rose Marie Zizzo
Date: July 12, 2008 @1:00 pm

Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake Hungry Like A Wolf for MONEY!
I was helping out one of my cat breeder pals out while she was working by answering emails for a kitten. I got email from a person who said they were very interested in a female kitten.

Your Name:
Hi, My name is Linda. I saw your adorable kittens and was wondering if you have any available at this time? Thank you. Linda
-- Date/Time: [protected]:07:07 PDT
Sender IP:


Well this Linda person was really playing the part to the hilt. She told me she went to the bank to withdrawn the money and got the baby all sorts of toys, and cant wait to get her baby. Then she wanted to meet with me so she could give me the money and so she can get her baby

Well I went to meet with this Linda and she never showed up. I was handed a summons to appear in court from Ms Lowry.

Then I knew this was a diabolical plot orchestrated by the infamous Melanie Lowry AKA Annie Westlake by her bad cat breeder friends so she can have me appear in court to do an debtors examination.

But even before this incident Melanie Lowry would have her bad cat breeder friends call me up and ask me my name. I must have received at least 5-6 calls from people pretending to be interested in wanting to buy a kitten and all of a sudden out the clear blue sky they would say, "what is your name?" And what a line they used to pretend they were interested in buying a kitten. They made up some stories

The reason I am sharing this with the public is to help warn the public Melanie Lowry is the most diabolical, money hungry creature I have every come across.

She owns the Catinality.Com online cattery, but dont let that nicely done website fool you. If you would see how her cats are kept you would cry is how terrible she keeps her cats.

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  • Va
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    Catinality.Com - Scam and fraud
    942 Stanely ave
    United States

    How Melanie Lowry of Catinality Cattery

    Whines Her Way To Sympathy

    Successful Failures

    If we lived in a time when personal accountability and responsibility were held in high regard, a time during which choosing victimhood from a list of social options would seem utterly stupid, it would suffice to say that successful people aren't victims. But those are not the times we live in, and to some people, perpetual victimhood of one kind or another actually seems an attractive option.

    When one examines the lives of successful people, one is impressed by the absence of traits they share in common (which is why self-help books that promise to make you successful don't really deliver). But there is one trait that all successful people have in common � they are not victims. Victims do not inspire confidence, they inspire pity. Seasoned investors don't buy into victimhood, because it is a losing proposition.

    Successful people don't become victims for another reason � they know if they won't take responsibility when things go wrong, they lose the right to take credit when things go right. This is a statement, one among many, of the symmetry principle. Perpetual victims are subject to the symmetry principle also, but because of their utterly negative outlook on life, they don't expect anything ever to go right, so being a victim has no downside.

    Successful people are able to read positive signs in a bleak landscape, and they can act on what they see in a creative, constructive way. Victims, by contrast, look out at the same landscape and only see opportunities for further victimhood. Successful people and victims both create self-fulfilling narratives.

    Here's a case history of success. A young man is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, thought to be a rather serious condition, but also one that is very controversial, both in deciding who has the condition, and in how to proceed (more on Asperger's here).

    There is a lot of latitude in Asperger's, and the more responsible researchers counsel skepticism as to both diagnosis and treatment. An individual could take this diagnosis and use it as an excuse to be a lifelong victim (some have done just that). Or, because those diagnosed with Asperger's tend to be bright, one might choose to take it as a sign of superior ability.

    What did our young man do? Did he try for sympathy and start a pattern of self-victimization that might have lasted his entire life? Or did he accept the cards he was dealt and find his place in the world?

    Well, he did the latter. He became the richest man in the world: Bill Gates.

    Most successful people learn how to be successful, they are not born with an instinct for success. By the same token, perpetual, professional victims are trained, not born. Where do they get this training?

    Copyright 2006 P. Lutus


    Read about this on the site:

    Cat Breeders Complaints Info

  • Im
      24th of Jul, 2008
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  • Pa
      19th of Jan, 2009
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    If you had to appear for a debtors examination then you had a court ordered judgment against you that you were not paying. You obviously lost a lawsuit and were ordered to pay, which you did not do.
    I have looked around and you attack this person alot, your complaints and howling whines are all over the internet.
    You obvioulsy are obsessed with this person or you are so jealous you cannot stand it.
    Get a life, move on, pay your bills and stop complaining. I am sure this person is sick to death of you and your attacks as are all the rest of us.
    Stop airing your dirty linen on the web.

  • Pa
      20th of Jan, 2009
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    This, I assume, was posted by Rose Marie Zizzo, not the Olivia whose name she has falsely used.
    How can someone with a sociopathic personality and a third grade education diagnose another with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism? She can't it is just more of this ignorant womans 7 year campaign of harassment of Melanie Lowry. Someone she bought a cat from, and who gave her two others. She let the cat die without medical intervention then blames Ms. Lowry. The other two cats are still healthy and living in another home after she dumped them at the pound. All these cats lived together with her in a travel trailer, 15 cats in all and an old woman!
    This sad sick pathic person has no other way of gaining attention than to slander, stalk and harass others that are far above her in intelligence, class, education, beauty, kindness, business aqumen, success and most of all integrity.
    Read her craziness on this website it is dedicated to alerting others to her idiocy.
    Melanie has been nothing but wonderful to me, she has beautiful HEALTHY cats, and is very knowledgable. We all LOVE her! To bad Ms. Zizzo did not take the opportunity to learn from her!
    Do not believe Ms. Zizzo's lies as it is a pathic cry for attention. Who, after all pursues someone for 7 years over a cat that died?

  • Ma
      20th of Jul, 2011
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    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Mark, I am Rose Marie Zizzo's cousin.
    I feel the need to explain to everyone who has posted comments
    blogs and words of hate about my cousin the reason she is the way
    she is and to warn innocent people of potential misery.
    Rose Marie was always a troubled child but trouble turned to
    tragedy when she was 11 years old Rosemarie had always exhibited
    signs of mental instability however when she was 11 years old, we
    were just kids and my cousin, who had always been obsessed with
    cat's, ruthlessly poured gasoline on the neighbor's cat, then lit
    it with a lighter she stole from my mother, I ran screaming to my
    mother Rosemarie stood and watched with fascination.
    My mother quickly called 911 but it took them over 24 minutes to
    get to our home and sadly it was too late for the little kitten, it
    was at that time my cousin was taken from our home and placed in a
    mental facility. She lived out the next several years there and
    was stabilized on medication for her Schizophrenia disorder, she
    appeared to be fine when they released here but then she began to
    collect cats in her trailer until one day a someone reported her to
    the authorities for having over 75 cats in her trailer many of
    which were severely sick and deprived of human compassion.
    As the investigation continued multiple cat bodies were found
    stored in her freezer, it was at this time that our family
    discovered that Rose Marie had stopped taking her medication, she
    was once again hospitalized for week in 1/2 and released. Having
    all of her cats taken from her she turned her mentally deranged
    mind to the Internet where she began a marathon of stalking cat
    breeders building what appeared to be cat breeder consumer sites.
    Because of her ongoing harassment and defamation of reputable
    breeders, tons of breeders began to complain about Rose Marie to
    CFA, they banned her from ever registering cats.
    She was now banned from the world's largest cat breeding registry
    and all of her cats she once owned were taken from her. One would
    have thought this would have been the end of her brutal online
    attacks against pedigreed cat breeders, it would have been in a
    sound and stable humans mind but that was not the case with Rose
    Marie Zizzo. Going on and off of her medication made her medical
    condition even worse. She had become fixated on a woman known as
    Melanie Lowery. Melanie was a cat breeder who had sold her a cat,
    my cousin began to post comments that the cat was ill and Melanie
    was evil, after enduring two years of vicious attacks from Rose
    Marie Melanie had finally had enough and filed a lawsuit she won
    this lawsuit in the amount of $7500, my cousin was found guilty of
    Internet cyber bulling and wrongful defamation of character our
    family had to scrape together the money to pay Melanie for my
    cousin's wrongful actions.
    This slap on the hand did not faze my sister, she continued to
    widen her selection of cat breeders primarily consisting of Persian
    and Himalayan cat breeders then quickly turned on all other
    pedigree cat breeders. At this point Rose Marie had been kicked
    out of CFA, lost a lawsuit, had a judgment against her to silence
    her online attacks and all of her cats were taken from her, these
    events continued to deteriorate her mental illness, as our family
    we did not know what to do for psychological disorder which
    escalated around the world via the Internet so we began to distance
    ourselves from her and remind her we would not be here to bail her
    out financially again.
    Her family support network had been exhausted by her controversial
    behavior and outburst which occurred on a day to day basis, her
    irritable moods could be triggered from a certain food, too little
    or not enough sleep. The one thing we began to notice was how the
    simple glance at even a feral cat launched her into another online
    tirade and violent declamation. Her wild words pushed cat breeders
    to form an alliance against her, while some fought back others
    ignored her demagogue, vehement ways. To this day Rose Marie
    continues to build multiple complaint sites in which she uses to
    feed her perplexed and delusion state of mind.
    These web sites are as dangerous as she is, with no family no cats
    and no friends only a computer she learned the dangerous skill of
    installing malicious spyware and tracking malware on her sights to
    see how many people were reading her disoriented post about cat
    The hazardous malware installed onto anyone's computer who dared to visit Rose Marie's complaint sites fell victim.
    This became her new obsession. When people visited her site for any length of time her
    websites installed invisible history tracking spyware, this
    software enabled Rosemarie to track the future Internet surfing
    history of people who visited her site, using this spyware she was
    able to watch people go into their online banking and credit card
    Unsuspecting cat breeders and everyday citizens reading her rants
    fell victim to her watch full eye. Rose Marie was able to see the
    login information and passwords breeders used to advertise their
    cats for sale online. Breeders could not understand how personal
    information stored only in their email boxes was being displayed on
    Rosemary's websites. As Rose Marie read through the emails of any
    and all who visited her web sites she posted personal information
    such as income tax documents for the world to see, by this time
    Rose Marie was no longer only targeting cat breeders, everyone was
    a victim who was seeking phony complaints stored on her deceitful
    websites. We as her family knew to never visit any of her sites
    because she WILL obtain personal documents and private information
    and post them on her website in hopes of getting a reaction from
    Rose Marie has hundreds of complaint sites with various looks and
    feels to them.
    The only safe, accurate and authoritative consumer review sites are
    The Attorney General's Office (Per state)

    The FBI has now been notified of her illegal online treacherous
    behavior. Under no conditions should anyone be so drama driven
    that they feel the need to visit one of her many websites, doing so
    WILL compromise your computer and financial records to this
    seriously ill mind. As ashamed as we are of the fact that Rose
    Marie continues to fail taking her medication I feel that the
    obligation to intervene in hopes of saving another family from
    suffering distress and torment by my cousin's ruthless actions.
    I do hope this glimpse into the personal side of Rose Marie Zizzo
    will help to explain the torment and torture to all who take
    Mark Zizzo

  • Co
      27th of Jul, 2011
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    Read this cat breeder complaint history
    She now uses the name Catinallity.Com
    Her page is here:

  • Us
      3rd of Jul, 2012
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    What cattery name are you using now, RoseMarie? We know it's not Shar-Dew. You and tha cattery name are banned for life from CFA. Are you using Deo Gloria again? Or are you just selling your poorly bred, ringworm infested cats through yahoo classifieds?

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