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Flew return from Johannesburg to Hongkong on the 17/09/2017 and returned on the 22/09/2017. Going to Hong Kong, my seat was broken and was extreamly incomfortable, I complained but nothing was done about it. The audio entertainment was faulty and the service was non-exsitant.

On my way back to SA. i was seated in a broken seat again which i could not place mt legs right as the entire seat rack was broken. Again I complained but it fell on deaf ears. We waited 2 hours for the trolley to come around, only to be told they had run out of food.

In Hong Kong, I requested to upgrade to business class only to be told that I would have to purchase an entire new ticket. What an appauling airline. I will never fly them again and warn anybody out there to avoid CATHY PATHETIC!

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  • Ca
      Feb 05, 2008
    Cathy Pacific - Terrible experience!
    Cathy Pacific
    Western Australia

    On my return flight to Australian on Flight CX889 on 31st January 2017 there was a passenger that was extremely ill before she even got on the flight from Vancouver to HongKong. She proceeded to vomit the ENTIRE journey... it's was appalling and i did complain that she shouldn't have been allowed to travel. Since that flight i have also been very ill and have had to leave work. I expressed my concern that she had a virus and as the air on the flight is recycled i would not be surprised if many others are now ill.

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  • Jo
      Apr 27, 2008
    Cathy Pacific - Meals
    550 jarvis street, apt 1118
    Phone: [protected]

    I recently took a trip around the World with the One World Group.I have to say myexperience with BA/Qantas was what I expected. Excellent. However I had heard a lot about CathyPacific and their service, I was very disappointed.
    I took flights from Perth-Bangkok.
    Bangkok-HK. HK -Taipei.Taipei--HK HK--San Francisco. On all flights the food was COLD or COOL. I asked the flight service to re-heat it. Not what I had expected.I will say that the flight attendents were great..
    I think you should look into how you heat your food or how long it takes to get served. Thanks

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  • Ja
      Sep 03, 2008
    Cathy Pacific - manhandling by concerned officer and staff
    Cathy Pacific

    Landed in Bangalore AIrport and i didn't get my luggage. Still it is not in traceable. It's worst service provided by Airlines.

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  • Di
      Apr 20, 2009
    Cathy Pacific - manhandling by concerned officer and staff

    Re - Manhandling by concerned officer and staff

    I beg to inform you that we have to board our flight no. CX 751 on 20.04.2017 at 5.25 p.m thai time from suvarnbhumi airport .
    As we were coming from Bangkok we reached 50 minutes prior to take off our tickets got OK but the staff on duty namely '' Santat service leader and janprampim V Manager on duty " did not cooperate us the moment we reached there and showed our tickets they simply said sorry . Even the Manager on duty did not listened to us properly and simply said sorry they got up from their seats and wandered here there till we were at the counter they were not willing to listen us . We requested a lot as we were out of money and could not afford to stay day more at Bangkok .
    We were helpless as we don't know anyone in foreign land we were in miserable state we were penniless and traumatized by the behaviour .
    It is shameful on our part that we took this flight

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