Catholic Charities Organisatiom, Diocese of Acerno / Award 1.5m Euros

1 India

Received an Award Notification from Rev.Sister Maria Giogio and Rev.Fr. Antonio Giovanni of Catholic Charities Organisation, Diocese of Acerno, Cash Grant Program Co-ordinator. Award money: 1.5 mi Euroes. Asked to contact Woolwich Bank London, who handles and arranges online account and transfer facilities for the beneficiary.
Woolwich Bank asked to pay GBP 250 for opening the account. This was promptly paid, but account was not operational. When checked, they informed that I Have get Tax-clearance and asked to send 900GBP.
This was not paid yet, as this smells a scam, where in one after another they go on asking for payment and end-up with fed-up and quitting without receiving the award money.
Please advice the authenticity of this award and whether I should make the next payment. The officer who deals with this in Woolwich Bank is one Mr. Gordon Williams.
Please advice urgently.

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