I checked into the Catalina Hotel on July 3, 2009, with the original plan to stay until July 6, 2009. An issue came up in which I had to leave Miami, FL on July 5, 2009 and fly back to my hometown of Virginia. At approximately 2:00 a.m. the morning of July 5, 2009, I spoke to Reservation Manager about my emergency situation and asked how I could take my credit card off security deposit. Hotel Management advised that another guest staying in the hotel room would need to replace my credit card. In good faith I contacted one of the other guests and they replaced my credit card for the security deposit. Hotel Management advised that my credit card would be taken off the hotel security deposit, document this data in their computer system and would not charge my credit card in the future.

On July 6, 2009 my credit card was charged an additional $213.71 in which I did not authorize or was present at the hotel. The Hotel Management failed to do as I requested which was not to charge my credit card without my permission and authorization. I have attempted to communicate this matter with Senior Hotel Management, but have refused to work with me and assist due to the fact that Hotel Management did not take my credit card out of the computer system and document my request and my hotel check out on July 5, 2009, as I had requested. After two weeks of attempting resolution of this matter with Senior Hotel Management I have not received a call or email as to how this matter will be resolved.

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