Cat Food / Shippment not delivered

1 Cyprus

I have a Siamese cat and we have moved to Cyprus after many years in Bangkok / Thailand. As a result my cat can only eat a brand of food made in Thailand and had a difficulty associated with sever health problem as a result of trying foods a available in local super markets. So I use to send a shipment of food through DHL to Cyprus and take some with me as well. No problem. Unfortunately my last shipment arrived Cyprus but did not reach me.
I pleaded with DHL in Cyprus to send the food back to Bangkok, visited their office, many phone calls, many emails. Contacted DHL in Bangkok who they were very helpful and tried to contact the people in Cyprus, but all in vain. The story that I have been told in Cyprus that the vet does not allow the food in the country because it does not have EU specification. Regardless of whether I agree with this or not it is the law. Siamese cat and Siamese food, EU does not come to it, alas. DHL should return the food to the sender at source or origin of shipment which is BANGKOK.


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