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Cat Breeders / welched on our cat deal!!

United States Review updated:
I am from Minnesota and I contacted a woman by the name of Kim Jaros at her email address of jarosdinubilo@aol.com. I wanted to purchase a special breed of cat. Beware of this woman Kim along with her friend Barb rhodalia from Tuleburg.net!! We did many corresponding over a months time and set it up where I was to receive a solid chocolate cat from them at the price of $2, 000.00. However, when the cat was supposedly ready to be shipped me, this Kim Jaros lady told me she has a lot of "problems" right now and that she has been since changing her mind of our deal. when I questioned her further, she admitted she just didnt want to do business with me along with her friend Barb on tuleburg.net. She accused me of being someone whom "she was mad at" and hung up on me! I had never met these women before in my life and dont understand how someone could act so unprofessional when they are running a business!! Beware out there anyone who is looking to purchase special breeds of cats!These people are "wishy washy" and dont seem to understand the "ethics" of doing business. To me, these so called breeders were a total waste of my time, energy, and money(I spent quite a bit in long-distance calls!) Dont waste your time or money on these people! Keep Looking for a serious breeder who means to do real professional business!!


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  9th of Oct, 2008
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Kim Jaros just informed me in an e-mail that someone called Cathy had been trying to buy a chocolate kitten from her, but she did not want to sell to this woman, who was very insistent, very pushy, and would not even give her a last name or phone number!

Was that you, 'Catherine?'

You didn't have a deal with her, did you? You didn't send her any money. She didn't promise you a kitten.

You couldn't get a cat of any description from me at gunpoint, because not giving your name and phone number is fishy as hell..
  9th of Oct, 2008
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If you've been using the email address blondiecathy@yahoo.com,
you did send Barbara Redalia some e-mails, at least one of which was rather threatening and was signed 'Alisha Hessler.'

If you wanted a kitten you saw on the Tuleburg website, why call Kim Jaros, a breeder who lives 100 miles away from them? She wasn't listed on the site as a contact person. She doesn't work there. There is no partnership between the two catteries. If you have a dispute with Kim Jaros, contact CFA or the Better Business Bureau. Don't complain here about some other cattery and breeder.
Wait, you can't complain to CFA or BBB, because you're afraid to give your last name. Never mind, then.
  18th of Oct, 2008
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Suzanne, why are you writing in response to me? I was not addressing You, I was addressing Kim Jaros and Barbara Redalia. I was purchasing a cat through Kim Jaros whom I had been referred to. Who, YES did in fact tell me about her cats for sale. She said the cats we discussed of me purchasing were hers but she had to bring them to her friend and partner Barbara Redalia's Cattery because she had gotten in trouble for having too many cats at her place and there is a limit to how many you can breed and handle at one time. Apparently she had been reprimanded in the past for this problem. This is totally legitamite. She went on and on about her problems instead of sticking to talking about our cat business. She talked about her knee replacement surgeries and on and on about her husband being her caretaker". She told me where she worked and has since retired. I would gladly go into ALL of it if you so desire. No, I am not a 14 year old girl you claim me to be, nor am I a Rosso Zisso person or whomever else you mentioned. I am simply a woman named Catherine who was referred to talk to Kim to purchase a cat thru herself and Barbara. so Who, SUZANNE are you? and why are you getting involved. Can't these other ladies fight their own battles? Look, I am glad I went on to do business elsewhere. ok. whats done is done. but do not call me someone who I am not and be careful. Do not go accusing me of making threats. I did no such thing ever. I consider all of this a learning experience is all. and I deal with other cat breeders for my doing business.
  29th of Oct, 2008
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Hello Blondie Cathy1968@yahoo.com!

You are a LIAR!

You ARE affiliated with the Hesslers of AJKoolKatz or know of them. Why do you keep sending the Redalia's 50-75 e mails a day with a subject of "Breeder Stole $1000 from Kid? This is true, so don't squiggle out of it! That is the same email adress you gave to me. (Kim Jaros)

Why do you send these emails if you were referred to me? I played around with your little game enough to know to print a copy of my two only e mails to you indicating I would not ship or sell outside of the states?

LIAR, just like Pam is a LIAR, or at least that is the same thing that Janine Jarvis's complaint filed on Squeaky Wheel. com. called Pam Hessler

You quickly got off the phone indicating you had no lap top since your niece (could that be Alisha?) had it and when I asked you for your last name, you quickly stated that you "had to change a diaper " and hung up

You cannot refute that YOU and the HESSLERS are not connected, since you spoke to me, gave me your e mail address, and now with that same e mail address you slander Barbara Redalia and her cattery.

The other bottom line is this, so get this through your head: I, as OWNER of the kittens choose who can purchase them. Since when do you come to a cattery and pick out any kitten like at a store, yet won't give out any information. Boy, are you STUPID!

To contact this LIAR :

  15th of Nov, 2008
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There is absolutely no chance that Kim or Barbara claimed to be partners, since they are not partners and never have been. The other part of your story about Kim keeping her cats at Tuleburg is a lie too.

AFAIK Kim has never been in trouble for having too many cats. When she was in the hospital we took care of her 3 cats, but that was for a few months, years ago, and the cats have since been returned to her.

As to why I am replying to your libels, you have been lying about a family member of mine and one of her longtime friends. I can't imagine why you think I should put up with what you've been doing to them.

If you are in business dealing with cats, and are in fact a cat brokers who resells cats, then we do not want anything to do with you or your customers. We only sell kittens to people who identify themselves properly and promise to provide a good home, whereas you never even told Kim your last name or phone number. That's why Kim was suspicious of you and she advised us by e-mail not to deal with you either.
  29th of Jul, 2009
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What's fishy is the fact that these shady cat breeders respond IMMEDIATELY to complaints. Its as if they expect to receive complaints and search daily for them... I find that behavior very suspicious!
  25th of Dec, 2009
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The Hesslers' and Catherine must know each other since they were referred to me. Catherine called once and I had no kittens even born yet, but a litter due. Then, about three months later she says she wants a kitten, but would not give me her last name and kept changing the subject and interupting to do some duties with a toddler or baby. Then, by that time I knew that the two in questioned were in kahoots together. Why not give your last name, Catherine? Is it because you are a scam? You would not even give an adress to send a contract to and no deposit had been made since I never agreed to having her purchase one. What kind of nutty person calls and thinks that the breeder is suppopsed to hold a A$2, 000 cat with no deposit. Keep your lies straight Catherine. Tell Pam she had some bad Karma with her car. Oddly enough, maybe that is why she wanted the whoe sum of money her daughter paid to be sent the next day!!Ha Ha!!
  22nd of Jun, 2010
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Kim Jaros, you are so UNPROFESSIONAL and people all around will not want to do business with you, you are an old hag of a liar and you need to retire and stop complaining about others and all you do is talk on the phone about your medical problems. maybe you shouldnt forget your meds! ha ha

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