SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Fined $45,000 for Fraud

1 United States and are the same company and both are a well known Advance Fee Job Scam. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of online complaints and as many Better Business Bureau complaints.

The Los Angeles BBB as well as the National BBB give Casting360 and Talent6 an "F" rating, which is actually fairly hard to do! The LA BBB actually calls Talent6/Casting360 a scam on the main website.

Casting360 and Talent6 are operated out of Moldova, a small former Soviet Republic known today as a haven for credit card and identity theft. Talent6 has a small administrative office in the USA to comply with US Incorporation rules. 100% of the operation is in Moldova including the "Casting Agent" you spoke with.

In May 2010 Talent6 aka Casting360 was fined by The San Mateo District Attorney $45, 000 for False Advertising, Misleading Ads and Fraud.

Just "Google" Talent6 and make sure you check out the LA BBB and do a search for Casting360 on the main LA BBB site.

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