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1 CA, United States

These people called from a call center (phones ringing, people talking in the background) and told me I had 3 allegations and a formal complaint against me for not paying back a payday loan. I knew they had to be lying, as I do not have any outstanding payday loans. They did, however, have my SS #, my home address, my email address and they called me at my work. He tried to get me to confirm my personal info, which I refused to do, but when he realized he was getting no where with me, he started calling me sweetheart, asked if he could be my boyfriend and other weird harrassing statements. I kept hanging up on him, but he called back to back no less than 20 times. I even had my boss answer to tell him to stop and he asked her to marry him. It was creepy and it really made me angry. I just hope no one gets fooled into giving them any information...weirdest phone call of my life.

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