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Cashnet Monetary Crime Division / Fraud

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 213-550-4189

I too received a call from this company stating I had took out several loans from a payday company. A guy stating he was a lawyer with a heavy accent called my place of employment from no. [protected], the connection was horrible, he then advised to call this no. [protected]. The attorney's name was John Goodman. I then called the 213, and stated that I don't owe any loans to this Cashnet. He proceed to tell me that the sheriff's office will come pick me up tommoow. I proceeded to tell them that I knew this was scam and hung up the phone.

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  9th of Apr, 2009
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i also got a phone call here at work that came from this same people - Monetary Crime Division. They both have American Names - Matthew Adams and Jessica Parker. And both have this strange accents. and the phone no. they gave me was 714-409-0208. they said they have all my informations and they're asking me on what to do with my case. i called cash net and talked to them and got a confirmation that i do not owe them anything. they (cash net) said that those calls are fraud. i told the "monetary crime division" to do whatever they want to do because i know they are all frauds. they even said that they are downloading my case today and if i don't do anything right now to pay them, i will go to jail. i just hope that soon this people (monetary crime division) will get caught and go to jail.

  15th of Apr, 2009
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I too got a phone call from them today 4/15/09 From a Ryan Cruz the phone number 714-409-0208. First he said he worked for the law firm wouldn't give me the name of law firm. Then states he worked for this cashnet payday loan. I kept asking to speak to a manager he wouldn't let me speak to one and then kept hanging up me everytime I called back. He then went on to say how I've been getting meassages in to my email address I was like well sorry didn't see them probably went to my spam folder. Then asked him if you have my phone number why is this the first phone call I'm hearing he kept saying well we've sent you emails. I was told to be in court tomorrow at 11 am. I called back after he hung up on me so many times I screamed at him and said if you have all this onfo you'd know that I no longer work where you state I do I was let go in 2007 ###! I hope they get what's coming to them as well!!!

  22nd of Apr, 2009
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My mother received a call from some man with a heavy accent stating that I am being sued. I already know that was wrong for him to even relay this information to anyone other than myself. So they leave a number it was 310-362-9386 the man name was Max Jackson who supposely works for a law firm called American Credit Svcs.. I call the number and was told that Max was unable to speak to me by some man named Jeff whose accent was so heavy that I could barely understand him. At first I thought it was my ex boyfriend playing on the phone. The scary thing is that they have my personal information. I was also told that the sheriff was going to come and get me from work. Stating that I took the loan out in 2008. Please So I fowarded the information over to my attorney general's office here in Michigan.

They told me to call the monetary crime division to get more information about the case. 213-286-0205

Funny that both law firms are housed in Los Angeles, CA

  29th of Apr, 2009
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This must be going on all over. My friend and i recieved the same phone call. We called back and asked them for a address and one told me they where in flordia and the other said california. hmmm SCAM! we know one of our friends who actually paid them! he ended up paying the company over 500$ and is now disputing it through his bank. This ryan crut guy is a joke. we talked to him and told him we where going to report him to the FBI or BBB, he told us it would do us no good. This company is a joke. Hopefully my buddy gets his money back and everyone in this company will burn in hell! and go to jail.


  30th of Apr, 2009
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I received a call yesterday at my work, the receptionist took a message. The number was 310-362-9386. The man had a very heavy accent according to my coworker but left the name Charles Green. I called the number back the next day and it was no answer and no voicemail. They called my job again and left the number 323-372-2930. Called that back and a different man answered the phone with an accent. I couldn't pick up exactly what he greeted the company name as. When I asked for Charles Green he put me on hold and returned wanting to know my name. I asked what the place of business was he said "a law firm mam", I said what law firm? He said, "the law firm of cashnet". My reply was uh huh. So he asked me to hold then hung up on me. SCAMMMM!

  18th of May, 2009
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I got a phone call today at work also with the same information that you all received and I have never taken out a loan with this company this is ridiculous, but definetly a scam!!!

  2nd of Jun, 2009
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I recieved a call last night at 8:40 EST telling me I had 30 min to get money put on my prepaid card and send a noterized letter autheizing them to withdraw the funds from my account. I paniced and did as they said because they said I was going to be arrested if I did not comply. The man had a heavy accent as well from India or somewhere I think. He then called me today and said that I had 10 min to resend the fax. I did and then when I asked what the name of the law firm was he said law firm of cash net which didn't make since so I looked it up and found that the internet is plastered with do not pay them there a scam all over the place. The man said his name was Michael Vagner I know this is correct because I had him spell it out for me and the phone # was 201-234-4715 and the fax number was 714-845-0766. Once I investigated this I contacted Cashnet directly and they said they have been flooded with calls such as this. And NOT to pay them. Also that I did not owe them anything So with that said I had to cancel my card and have a new one mailed. I do not have access to the mone for a few days and it cost me $5.00 to send the fax and get the notory but neither do they. I also called them back and once connected told them to not call me again and that the card info was no good and that they would be hearing from my attorney. That I knew it was a scam I then hung up. I have decided that I am going to try and obtain an attorney and sue them if possible and maybe get a class action law suit against them. It seems that there company is going strong so I am going to do what ever I can to put an end to the damage they are doing to others. At this moment i feel like I need to be looking over my shoulder for a police officer to come and arrest me. I am so upset about it. And I am also mad as hell and I plan on doing something about it.


  4th of Jun, 2009
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Same thing happened to me except this guys name was matthew adams (thick accent ) and when itold him he was full of it and hung up he precided to call me back 8 times and when i asked for his phone number to his company he gave me some guys cell phone number in north carolina. my local police said it's only nussiance and wouldn't allow me to file a report but now i have more information on this

  21st of Jun, 2009
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Everyone PLEASE BEWARE!!! That phone call that you're getting is NOT from or any other loan companies out there! There is a scam artist using the company name CashNet.comwith a very thick accent that's calling people claiming that they're going to send someone to your workplace to arrest you for fraud unless you make a payment to him RIGHT AWAY!!! I ended up harrassing HIM trying to find out what the hell was he talking about. He would place me on hold for extended amounts of time in the hopes that I would hang up in frustration. I finally contacted CAshNetUSA to find out why they had someone from their company harrassing me, especially since my account had been paid off a long time ago. They said that there is a scam that is going on at this moment and that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I to make ANY payments to whomever this person is. They are investigating through legal channels, but until they can catch this fraudulent company, unless they can provide you with LEGAL DOCUMENTATION as to when the loan was originally taken out, or any legal proceding that are being placed against you (which would be hand delivered by your local authorities, ANYWAY), do NOT make the mistake of thinking that this jerk is from CashNet USA or any other loan companies with similar names. IF HE CAN'T PROVE IT, DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

  21st of Jun, 2009
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I agree, i've had them call me over 70 times since wed. and i am about to lose my job because they keep contacting my work place . I'm kinda scared though cause they have my social and address. But for anyone who they have contacted I would strongly suggest you get in contact with your local police dept., file a fraud report and call the ftc (federal trade comission ) on them. Maybe if we all come together they can sit in jail where they belong

  13th of Jul, 2009
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I also received calls from this company for 3 weeks. They claim I owe 63.50 for a debt to a loan company. I recently had someone using my ss# to get a car loan and informed the guy that called me of this. He then stated he "Didn't give a D**n" and hung up. I called him back to let him know that my attorney needed information. He used irrational language with me again and hung up. He told me not to call back until my lawyer did so with a bar association #.The company is now using the name Crime Division of Cash Loans. This guy also changed his accent on me. First he used a Scottish accent then an Arabic accent. Beware that this company also knows names of frequantly used refrences. They knew my sisters maiden name, my brother-in-laws last name, and my fiancee's first name. They got the names of my brother-in-law and fiancee crossed. Here are the #'s they called me from: wireless # 941-961-8518 is through Verizon Wireless and is not in service; and 415-200-0265 was a wireless # for a guy who claimed to be Mark Red, but told my sister he was Mike Red.

  18th of Jul, 2009
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Tired of harassing collections calls? Here is what I did.

I just received a call from a woman that called herself Mary Weston. This call began similarly to all of the posts that have been made here before mine. When I questioned her about this "case, " she got flustered and transferred me to her manager. This guy, “Jacobs Harris”, got on (heavy accent also) and started with the same unclear information. I won't bother to go into all the details, because if you are on here you know how it goes.

Before he could barely begin, I asked permission to RECORD THE CONVERSATION.

What I want to share with any and every one that reads this is, if you record conversations with collection agencies, you'll have proof of whatever you say to them and what they have said to you. Recording the conversation scares them, because they know if they do anything outside the bounds of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, they can be sued for up to $1, 000 plus YOUR attorney's fees.

Quite frankly, with this Jacobs Harris guy, I had problems starting a recording. I was never taping him. But I was very specific about what I was asking and let him know that I was not afraid and that I knew what I was talking about... And yeah, I lied (a lie of omission only). I didn't tell him I couldn't get the recorder to work.

Reputable collectors will be annoyed, because their hands become tied when you record; but they will give you information and be totally on the up and up. Even the ones that have correct collection cases can get nasty, but they have to go by the book. Scams, hoaxes, creeps like “Jacobs Harris”, they get scared, they get off the phone real quick.

Recording the call is not as hard as you might think. My call came to me at work. I put the caller on speaker phone and I call my own cell phone number, put that on speaker phone and record the conversation like a voice mail message. If you’re not in a private spot, ask them to call you back, or you call them, from a closed door room. No speaker phone at home? Put the recorder (cell phone) up to phone while you speak.

Also, find out about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This is a Federal document and is adopted is most, if not all, US states. Plus, every state has something like this, even if they differ a little bit. Look up “Consumer’s Rights” on the internet, “Collections Laws, ” check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) if you think they are a scam, and get familiar with your states District Attorney’s office or financial governing board.

This is very empowering to people, like me, that are tired of being harassed, even when we know we owe and are trying hard to pay; let alone when some creep tries to take advantage of your hard times and rip you off. Recording the call puts THEM on the defense and puts who in the driver’s seat. And it is so much fun being able to scare the collection bullies.

Stand up and take charge!! I’m doing it. My finances have not yet become what I want them to be. But I’m not running scared anymore. I’m fighting back. FIGHT BACK!

  18th of Jul, 2009
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I should have added, there are legalities you need to follow when recorded collection calls…

When recording a call, ALWAYS ASK the caller’s PERMISSION to record. It is illegal to record someone’s conversation without their permission. If they refuse, tell them you won’t speak to them without the recording and that they must correspond with you in writing. If they don’t have your address, DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM. If they are legit, they should have all the information provided to them by the original creditor.

Once you start the recording, state your name, the date and time of the call. Ask the caller again, while recording, if they give permission for you to record the call. Ask the caller their name, what company they work for and if they are also recording the call. If they say yes, state “for the recording” that the call had been recorded up to that point without your knowledge or permission. Then give your permission for them to continue their recording.

Ask them to state the case information: their client information (the credit company), the case/file # and the alleged amount owed. Don’t let them rush you through without getting all of the pertinent information recorded.

Once the discussion actually begins, be calm! Let them believe that you are not afraid of them, even if you are. Let them state the purpose of their call uninterrupted. Then be sure to be very clear in your response.

Before you end the call, state “I am stopping the recording. Any and all conversation regarding this case shall now cease.” Ask them to confirm that they are aware if this. If they say anything else pertaining to the case, any thing but good-bye, have a nice day, tell them to wait while you restart the recording, then say for the recording, this is a continuance of a conversation with (the name of the caller) the date and time.

The action of recording is your protection and proof of the conversation. I suggest that you look up “phone call recording regulations” for your state (I think it might be federal) right along with the Fair Collections Practices Acts and consumer rights.

Be empowered!

  21st of Jul, 2009
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I agree with everyone as well. This same compnay cash net have called my cell phone number from mostly all of the numbers that were named on here. They called me the first time on a Sat. moring stating they were a law ofice and I had a civil suit against me and I was schedule to show up in court the next day which was a Sunday. I begin to get very upset because I know that they were lying and I ask them numberous of times to stop calling my phone and they did not. I even got really nasty with them and the manager actually called my cell phone back and left me a very nasty threatning message with all my personal information : such as my social, address, place of employment and name two references that are really close to me. I then became really scared.

What I did was call the police department file a harrassing call complaint, then I placed fraud alerts on all my credit reports, and call my cell phone company to have these numbers blocked. Somehow they still manage to get through but with four digit numbers or 222-222-2222, 000-000-0000 numbers. I just ignore the calls but I am pursing the matter and will to the fulliest.

  13th of Aug, 2009
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I took was contacted by cashnet creditor. They threating me with coming to my job and arresting me. They gave me a account number that I never had, but they had family members names and my social security number, where i lived and job information. I spoke to a man name John Williams and a woman named Jennifer. She would not fax over any documentation proving that this loan was mines. She claimed that a lawyer will contact me to further explain what my options are to repay the debt. She also told me that I needed to go to court tomorrow, but could not give me a docket number of the case. I called the credit companies and put an alert on my credit. This is very scare to me. I hope they catch these people.

  13th of Aug, 2009
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Yes I just got a call from the same guy but I could not understand nor could i hear him and he threaded me with all sorts of things and had a lot of personal info on me and then some info on two contacts too. the number was 941-961-8518, the man gave me a crack address that i couldnt write down because i couldnt understand him and then when i told him that i am going to find him and put him in jail because all the info he has was illegally obtained he studered and then told me i was wasting his time and hung up on me. I tried to call back and the number doesnt work, so i pulled up yellow book and did a reverse look up and it wasnt a number at all. who do we call to report this stuff too.

  28th of Aug, 2009
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What can we do about this? This guy just called me and said he was going to arrest me and my two friends (I had applied for a pay day load so he had my references information). He had my Bank information, my address, etc...I'm not sure what to do but I have to think it's a crime to threaten people like this!

  4th of Sep, 2009
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I received a call yesterday from a Mitch Cyrus. A message was left for me to call 310-598-1768. The message stated, "The very second you receive this message, I need u or ur retained attorney to contact me. Don't disregard this message. Do return my call. If you or your attorney do not return my call, the only thing I can do is...wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you. Good bye and God be with you. " I called the number back and a recording came on. No identifying info, just leave a message a the tone. I called back again and a man with a thick accent answered. He said his name was Ross Murphy with a law firm and I was being sue becaused I did not repay a loan. An EBT was attempted but declined by the bank. I asked for the name of the loan company. They said Cash Next. I asked for dates the loans were supposedly taken out. He said Nov, Dec or Jan 2009. I became suspcious immediately. I asked to talk to someone else. I was put on hold three times and transfered to three different people (all with heavy accents). Finally, I was connected to Mitch Cyrus who immediately began to harrass me and tell me I was being sued. If I did not pay the loan I was going to be arrested tomorrow at my job and my two reference (my children) where going to be arrested also. I asked for documents and was told they would send me arbitration papers after I pay the money. I told him if I'm going to be arrested, I will turn myself in tomorrow because I am not paying any money to anyone who cannot provided me with documents as well as proff of who they were. He became irritated with me and began to ramble on. I hung up. I called back and asked what was the name of the law firm they work for. Ross Murphy answered the phone and said the company was Financial Accountabiltiy Association law firm. I asked for an address. He asked what I needed the address for. I hung up. I contacted my bank. I am also contacting the California Bar Association and the Los Angeles Police Department as well as my local police dept and TV station. People need to be aware that this scam is out there. People who are scared they may be arrested at work or their references will be arrested may pay the money. DON'T PAY ANY MONEY!!!

  14th of Sep, 2009
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I too just received a phone call at work in the morning from some guy with a middle eastern or whatever accent. He was claiming that i had a loan from cashnet that i never paid back! He also said that i had to go to court the very next day..I was shocked and confused at the same time because I had no clue what this guy was talking about. He named references and everything i had. He also told me to call some 951 number back but all it gave me was a busy signal..

  18th of Sep, 2009
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I recieved several phones calls telling me the very second I recieve this message to call back, when I did speak with someone the conection was so bad. and he had a very thick accent He told me I owed money from cashnet.
I told him I never got a loan from this company he told me I was lieing and had to go to court and I would be arrested if I didnt give him money with a debit card. I told him I wasnt going to pay him anything for money I didnt owe.I called cash net. and they told me not to give these people any money. they are fraud. I did call the company or so called company and told them I knew they were a fraud and not to call me any more but They have all my information what can I do to stop them? I am still getting the calls but I dont answer the phone..
they havent called my work yet but if they do its going to cause alot of problems. these people need to be stoped its really causein me alot of stress...

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