Cashier's Check Fraud / Bank of America/Negligence causing Harm

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I was recently a victim of Fraud via Mail. On July 26th I received a job opportunity offer to work as a mistery shopper for
In the contract agreement it clearly stated my job description..salary.. shopping bonus.. available funds for training assignments..
The available funds covered by a cashier's check in the amount of 4, 175 dollars was to cover all expenses explained in the contract agreement. As stated in the agreement: "The training assigments takes about two hours to complete and remains fully paid...
As an Investigative Shopper your basic rate throughout your contract agreement at 180.00 for 2 to 3 hours througout
Retaileyes until reviewed. The aim of the training assignment is for you to familiarize yourself with the practical level of
what an investigative shopping entails. This training assignment will be put together by a controller to be
completed at any of your esteemed clients business premises with whom we have a running contract.
You will pose as a potential customer shopping in all department stores while critically observing
the service standards for a later evaluation. Note that the total cost of your shopping bags must
be within the allowable limit as below. Employee liability will be iniated for any excesses."
Then the breakdown of the funds attached by a Cashier's Check. "A major part of this assessment is "Confidentiality".
On July 26th I went to Bank of America to deposited the Cashier's Check as I was intructed to do by
my assigned controller by the name of Howard O'Riley. I was intructed to wait until nidnight until the Checks clears.
The following day July 27th 2011, I went to the bank, to see if the check had cleared, if so, I was to withdraw part of the money, $ 3, 900 dollars to be allocated toward my first assignment. Once in front of the teller, I swipe my ATM card, and specifically asked the teller,
"HAD THE CASHIER'S CHECK CLEARED" She said YES it has. So I withdrew the money as I was instructed to do, since the teller said the check had CLEARED. I proceed with my assigned duties to wire transfer the amount under two seperate names and the Main office location to the I was instructed by my assigned controller. One transaction from Publix the other from Winn Dixie. The next day,
I was to call him back at 9 AM to be assigned to next job assignment.. At 9:00 AM, Mr. O' Riley never answered the phone [protected] and asked me to call him back. Later, After several attempts with no response, I thought that was peculiar, so I went online and googled and spoke to a representative who immediately told me, they were also a victim by these individuals who used their company name and sent out the job offers, they didnt know who Mr. O Riley was, to contact my local authorities including my Bank. My complaint today against Bank of America is for negligence causing harm. If the teller had told me, that the check had not cleared, but since they claimed, I am a good customer thats why the had allocating the funds agains my personal checking account..
I clearly would have said NO. and waited until the funds cleared from the other Bank.. She failed to give me that information. I do not know the Bank of America's policies toward each customers base of their relationships. I don't know the people who allocated the check, for all I know its a company who paid me for my work.. As I told the Bank, why would I cash out 3, 900.00
dollars against my account? What the Bank did, they saw that I had the funds available, they didnt care to say anything further.
Please, help me in resolving this issue. PS. I filed a complaint already with FTC,
Wester Union Fraud dept and and Bank of America. Thank you!!

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  • La
      Aug 18, 2011

    Thank you for this post. I'm sorry that you were scammed. I got the same thing in the mail... I've been hoping to find something online saying that it was legit before I called them and gave them any info about myself. Nobody just sends you a check for $4200.00 but I wasn't just going to throw it away either lol.

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