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Local Jeweller offered me £155 for gold at 10.20 per gram. . Cash for Gold's website was offering 12.40 per gram. Cost to send gold was £5.30. Was expecting to receive at least 173.60 from Cash for Gold. In fact they offered me 144 pounds considerably less. Said price of gold going down. I knew that but phoned to check that I would get 12.40 if they received the next day. They also told me they xrayed the gold and there was solder in the gold which weghed a gram. Can you xray gold? I complained bitterly and asked for gold back and they told me cost of returning was 10 pounds. I guess they catch lots of people like that. After a couple of calls they eventually gave me 149 pounds. Not happy as I read that others have been treated in the same way. If you argue they up offer a little.

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