i responded to it and was told to sign up at

i sign up and enter my credit card info. a day later i get an email saying my credit card info was declined...i don't know why because i checked my credit card and it was fine. so i tried again. i wait and no response.

you need a confirmation email/password to use the site. i never received one, only an email telling me that my account has been debited for $29.99! FIRST OF ALL, the site clearly states that there is a 3 day trial period. what happened to that? secondly and more importantly...I CAN'T EVEN GET INTO THE SITE!

i have emailed them several times and NO so pissed. i would report them to the BBB but I have no other information about them except for the website! i'm broke enough as it is, i don't need these *******s stealing $30 from me.

does anyone have any advice about what i should do? thanks.

oh yea, and something else i noticed about the emails. It says From: [protected] To: [protected]

that is not my email, i'm thinking its the persons real email. i did a search on it and apparently whoever that is also writes college essays for one of those sites that sells them to students. if im right and that is the persons real email, they seem to be quite familiar with fraud.


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