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I recently upgraded from an iPhone 5 to a iPhone 6. During the upgrade AT&T offered me $100 for the iPhone 5. One ebay they were selling for $150+. I searched online (not well enough, other complaints have been filed) and found They offered me "up to $207", but when I sent in the near-perfect device (only a couple mars on the back, the screen was PERFECT), they came back with an offer of $31.00. The offer came via email, and I tried to call them many times to tell them to send my device back. Every time either I am dropped after 10 minutes hold, or I get a general receptionist and upon transfer to purchasing I am dropped after 10 minutes of hold with a message that says call after 1pm PDT (which I did with the same results). I finally got through today after 3 days of trying, and they said it is too late. The muttered about market price and such a bit, but they also said my device was all scratched up. I told them they had the wrong device, but what can one do? They have the device. I sent them a near-perfect device, they stole a good portion of the value from me.
The worst business practices, extremely misleading quotes, dishonest, fradulent practices. DO NOT USE CASHFORIPHONES.COM OR CASHFORLAPTOPS.COM!

Jan 13, 2015
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      Sep 18, 2012 - Do not engage with this company
    United States

    You will get half or even less than what they promise you. shame on me for not doing my research, there’s plenty of information out there warning consumers against this business. modus operandi is very simple. outstanding customer service until they get your product in their hands (in my case iphone4 in pristine condition – they promised $250, i got much less). rash of emails claiming they are trying to contact you. put you on hold for a long time when you call. basically make you sweat and wear you down – sorta like being at the car dealer. finally when you do get thru, they will tell you that your shipment was missing parts (they told me i did not send the charger and headphone – i did, in the original box too) and that their technicians (doubt it) inspected your phone and found scratches on the front and back and they will make a lowball offer. if you refuse they say they will send it back, but it will take 2 weeks (if you challenge them they will say that’s what UPS says!) invariably, you have no other option to accept their offer. i checked the web and found several people who told them to send it back and never got it. it’s a shame to see how people make their living, but there are worse things out there and lesson learned for me personally. so, please do your homework. if i could put these guys out of business i would, but people like these are like sewer rats. you close one hole and they will crawl out of another one. like they say – it takes all kinds of people to make this world.

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  • Mc
      Nov 07, 2014 - Fraudulent purchase price of iPhone 5 (in Sparks, Nevada)
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I was made an offer of $276 for my iPhone 5 and was sent a prepaid usps box and label to send it in. After inspection, they offered me only $42! This is all via email. I responded by email that this was totally unacceptable and that I wanted it returned. There customer service telephone number listed on the website never works and no one is responding to me. I would like my iPhone returned by them ASAP or the original $276. The email said they would send money to my paypal account in 3 days, but the $42 is not acceptable and I want my phone returned.

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  • Ga
      Dec 03, 2014 - agreed upon price
    Boca Raton
    United States

    I received a quote for my mint condition iPhone 4S of $117 sent in my phone and received an email saying they would send me $17.00. I responded that this was unacceptable and they should return my phone. Since that point no response to 2 emails, I have tried calling only to be told I need to speak with purchasing when transferred I hold for 20 min and then the tape says to call back another time. This phone routine has happened 3 times. Once I did get a voicemail which I left a message on (no return call). My next call will be to the Nevada Attorney Generals office.

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