Cash4laptops, Ecycle Best / iPhone Scam

Knoxville, United States

This company operates under the names Cash4laptops, Cash4iphones, Ecycle Best, and LDR LLC, Please do not trust this company, you will be Scammed! My son was quoted $230 for his Iphone5 S 32GB with a cracked screen, we sent the phone in, they recorded it and sent a message the phone had a bad ESN, then they said they we could call and have the ESN taken off or they would readjust the amount. That next day they sent me a email that they were sending $23 to my account. I immediately emailed them back and said absolutely not, that's rediculous, I want my phone sent back. The next day I got a response that they are not responding to emails and I would have to call. I called all the next day only to get a busy signal, the following day I was on hold for at least 5 minutes every time just to get told I had to be transferred to the purchasing department which you then wait on hold another 71/2 minutes to get hung up on, and that's if your lucky to even get them to answer the first time your on hold. Most days you can't even get threw the first person before it disconnects you. I finally got threw 4 days into it after hours of getting disconnected just to be told they had deposited $23 in my account and it was a fair offer and there is nothing I can do about it. They even pulled out a lie and said they called my previous cell phone company and they told them to recycle it. They are so full of crap, this place should be shut down, I hate that I didn't read reviews until after I was already taken advantage of. Please beware of these company names they are using.

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