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I sent in a matching 14kt gold herringbone necklace and bracelet set and got 35.00 for it. It was as if my check was sent out when I called, because the agent said they were "sending it out today, " two weeks after I sent them my items and only after I called were they prompted to mail a check. To return the check, I tried calling the number on the cash4gold website and was given a long distance number to another company where no one answered and I left a message. I also e-mailed customer service. There is no info on the cash4gold website on returns, no FAQ page, no customer service info whatsoever. I guess I was eager to cash in so I didn't research. Didn't have to look too far after the fact for hundreds of complaints online. Beware! This is one of the worst scams going, and you should boycot stations that air their commercials and write to the stations saying you will report them to the FCC for airing scam commercials. We need to start calling networks on any commercials that mislead. This includes any product, from Seen On TV stuff to food to gold to pharmaceuticals. Enough is enough! Call or write the FCC and tell them you are telling everyone you know to do the same. It's a new day and we are ired of being mislead while networks make millions from these no good sponsors.


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      Mar 22, 2010

    Do you believe these rip off artists are still in business??? We recieved a check from them for 60 dollars... took stuff to a pawn shop, where we were told, just like cash4gold, it was bye weight... wonder whats wrong with the cash4gold scales??? We got paid 230 dollars for stuff they said wasnt worth anything...ok, go figure, , , , , , lets all complain, and put these theives out of business

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      Mar 22, 2010

    As you can see above, it is really important to do your homework. As a person who sells gold to gold buyers, I've done some research and found that there are about 10 good questions to ask a gold and silver buyer before selecting them as the one to choose. A couple are:

    1. What is their physical address? This may sound not important, but if you send your gold to a PO box and you and the buyer have a disagreement, it may be hard to follow up. Also too they have your precious metal! It is hard to knock on the door of a PO box. There is something about a business having a “physical” location.

    2. What’s Their Security Policy to Protect Your Valuables While it’s at Their Facility/Warehouse? Just because there is insurance on the package that arrives, once it is signed off the insurance ends. So it is important to know what procedures they have in place within the company to insure that your gold does not get lost, mixed up, or even stolen. Good gold buyers have solid and strict policies and procedures that their employees must follow.

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      Jun 22, 2010

    I must say that I have had much more satisfactory transaction-by-mail-experiences in the past two years in dealing with, than my MOST RECENT SALES EXPERIENCE! The
    only reason I was interested in selling some of my gold jewelry was
    due to the "unprecedented" Gold Value of $1, 230.00 per ounce, as
    of 06-14-2010 (per CNBC Cable News/"Squawk Box" Program, which constantly lists the stock market values as well as the current values of Precious Metals Market). However, I was DEEPLY
    DISAPPOINTED to receive a check which was only worth one-third of approximate gold-per-ounce price; even though the itemized statement of values of gold-items-sold-by-mail outlined that I
    had INDEED sold at least ONE OUNCE of GOLD in DKT Weight!
    give way to Corporate Fraudulent Practices - Not EVERONE is
    IGNORANT as to the current "values" of gold jewelry items in THE
    PRESENT ECONOMY! I will NOT give any recommendations of
    dealing with to my friends EVER AGAIN!

    Unhappy Camper In the South

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