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Cash Plus / Unauthorized billing

1 United States
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On Saturday November 22, 2008 at approximately at 9:15 am, My sister ( works for the Jewish Home for the Aging) went inside of 8806 Van Nuys Blvd Cash Plus store and went up to the window and there was the owner Manijet??? My sister slides her check under the counter ( this a a $15.00 reimbursement check from the Jewish Home) so the owner looked at my sister like with a disgusting look and slide the check back under to her and said huh I can not cash this, my sister said why not she said because I cant.

I was outside looking for a check that I was going to cash, so my sister came to me and said, the lady is not going to cash your check, because she is mean and rude. I found that hard to believe and me having a reimbursement from my benefits VSP, thought that I would be able to cash a check here, since it was covenant for the both of us, I greeted the owner with a smile said ' Good Morning, would you be able to cash this check for me'', with out even looking at the check she replied' NO NO WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE GET OFF COMING IN WITH THESE FRAUDULENT CHECKS, GET OUT OF HERE!

Me in disbelieve stepped back and replied YOU PEOPLE, what is wrong with you lady, these checks are not fraudulent, we both work and these are good checks, she then replied, COME ON I CAN TAKE THE BOTH OF YOU ON...balling up her fists. The conversation got so escalated, I called the police and she did also, she even called the security there on site. Told them to get us off of her property. I called the police my self, due to me being so angry that I had an anxiety attack, never in my life I had been treated this why. Me being an AFRICAN AMERICAN women 30 years of age had never experienced any kind of discrimination in my life. I felt very humiliated and low. My sister even cried, she was so upset.

We both work very hard for our communities and to be treated like criminals is not expectable at all. I am sending this notification to who I feel like should know that even in this day and time we still have very ignorant people out there.


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