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Cash for iphones is a TRAP!

DO NOT send your phone to “cash for” or your computer to “cash for”. They are both owned by an unscrupulous business called THE GADGET BUYING COMPANY located on 84 Coney Island Drive in Sparks, Nevada. They will tell you will give you a good price on the internet, then tell you it is worth a fraction of that cost AFTER you send it to them. They will pay you this tiny amount by check 3 days after they have sent their email counter offer and you will have been cheated out of your phone or laptop and will not be able to do anything about it. You can try to email or call but they will ignore you because they can keep the money because you signed their contract when you mailed your phone to them.

I am happy to tell this company how to improve the experience of their customers. First, pay the amount that they state the item is worth! They said my phone was worth $113 and then offered to pay me $18 AFTER I had sent the phone to them.

Second, notify the customer on a day that is not a holiday. They sent their email to me on Thanksgiving day, when I was busy with holidays. I responded on the next Tuesday December 2 when I checked my email.

Third, respond to their customers when the customers try to state their case. I mailed their check back to them, requesting they send my phone back. No response. I emailed them and was told to call. I have called numerous times, been subjected to long wait times, and have then been put on hold to "transfer" the call and then dropped from the line.

I propose that these are devious and unjust business practices designed to defraud customers by offering more for an item, paying less, notifying them at a difficult time to respond, allowing a tiny window of time before the transaction is complete, and then refusing to communicate further.

I believe this company tricked me to acquire my phone then offered me a pittance of what is was worth and then refuses to communicate further even when I return their check or try to reach them by email or phone. Is that the kind of business practices that should be allowed on the internet?

At this point I don't care if I get my phone back, but I do care enough to try to put this company out of business, or at least require it to treat all of its customers in a fair manner. Otherwise there will be many more people who fall into this unfair and unjust trap on the internet while this company reaps the benefits.

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Jan 22, 2015
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  • Da
      Feb 12, 2015

    This is absolutely the most corrupt company I have ever dealt with. If you send your phone to this company they will send you a check for a fraction of what they say in their online bid. In other words they will steal your phone. It is absolute theft and it pisses me off that I was so stupid not to do my research on these people first. So - seller beware. Once they have your phone you are out of luck. They will argue that there was something wrong with it and if they even make an additional offer they will lie to you about the condition of your phone. And argue that it has a lower value than the bid they originally gave you online. And of course they wont send your phone back to you - you are SOL.

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