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I received a quote online for an IPhone 5s for $293. I read the terms and conditions, which made it appear to be safe for me to get my phone back if they did not honor their original quote. It stated t hat I had three days after receiving their final quote to not accept the quote and receive my phone back, all postage paid, if I did not agree to the new offer. This was a new working phone that had been used for only 6 months and never was out of its case. There was not a single scratch or I would never sent it in to this service; I would have sold it on Ebay. Instead they came back with a quote of $52. I was outraged. I called multiple times and was put on hold for hours. When they finally took my call they explained that the phone was too beat up and that was all they could offer. When I asked for my phone back they said it had already been processed and sold. When I asked about the three day right of refusal they said it was out of their control as they no longer had the phone and that my situation did not apply because the phone was not in the condition that I claimed it to be in. How convenient for them. It is apparent that they never intended to honor their quote or give me the option to keep my phone.

Feb 19, 2015
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      Feb 19, 2015

    Last week I too got scammed out of $250.00 bucks when I purchased an online 2 year Tech Support Service. Well, using the number they gave me, I called them back for some on-line support... and I tried to contact them for the next 3 days straight, but it seems they put a block on my phone, whenever their system recognizes my incoming call, and automatically hangs up. So, the good news is, after calling my bank, CHASE. Because I made payment using my CHASE Visa card... they went after this company on my behalf, found them out and extracted the money back from them, and my money was deposited back into my account within a week after the incident. I'm not trying to give a free plug or endorse this banking entity, but just telling you from my personal experience. Me and my wife reside in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

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