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I sent in multiple pieces of jewelry and received a check (far later than they promised) for $98.34. One bracelet that I sent in was 18 k and they sent on the statement that it was 14 k. I have a receipt from the original purchase of that bracelet for $448.00. These people are con artists and do not have a reliable business. One ring had 12 small diamonds in it, they paid me $2.16 for this item. Save yourself alot of frustration and just take your unwanted or broken jewelry to your local jewelry store or pawn shop!

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      Jul 01, 2009

    good im glad they stole you money if you are so stupid that you sent your gold into that thing

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      Jul 01, 2009

    I will be a little kinder to you than the comment above.
    What is it going to take to get people to QUIT TRUSTING advertising they see & hear on TV & RADIO & INTERNET SITES.??
    Did it not ever occur to you to take it a LOCAL PAWN SHOP or JEWELRY STORE to see what their offer would be FIRST???
    99 % of the ads on TV & RADIO with the toll free numbers ARE SCAMS. You name it, gold buyers, credit repair, car insurance, houses for pennies on the dollar, get rich quick schemes, all of the so-called "FREE TRIALS" (just pay postage), tax settlement claims, internet payday loans, and the list goes on and on and on.They are ALL SCAMS.

    It seems there is a sucker for these scams every minute of every day. People are even using common every horse sense. They are expecting something for nothing but instead, they get ripped off.

    If you think I am lying, pick 2 or 3, take them up on their offer, then truthfully let me know what happened. When they get your credit information, they OWN it then, just try to get your money back!!! You may get your money back, but NOT without a HUGH hassle. ...Think about it.

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      Jun 12, 2010
    Cash for Gold - Customer Service
    Cash For Gold
    United States

    I called Cash For Gold for help with mailing my jewelry. They were rude and made me answer tons of questions before I could tell them why I was calling. I asked for help and all I got was "That's a good question" with an attitude with it. She then said that I needed to call customer service which the number I had called was supposed to be their customer service number. So I went to their website to see if that would help me. That's when I saw all the complaints made against Cash for gold and was happy I did so before sending them anything of mine.

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