Caseys Store at 605 N Sibley Ave, Litchfield MN 65355 / cashier and manager

My name is Wanda Smith, on Saturday May 19th, 2018 approx 1030pm. I had gotten to the register approx 1038 to 1040pm ish.. I had a few items as well as asked to reload my Chime Card (derivative of the green dot card). The young gal at the register was not very cheerful as well as she was not thrilled at all to assist me with my transaction with the card. The store was a steady for customers but not more than myself at the register at this point. She stated "I dont know how to do these" while shrugging her shoulders and handing the card back to me. I became upset as so many of your younger employees do this and get out of having to either learn how or attempt to take on learning how. There is a few great gals out there that have asked if it was ok with taking the time to learn how to do the cards. I was estatik to have them take initiative. At this point the gal very slowly attempts to look up or even read the page on 'how to' then attempts quickly, it fails. She tries to get rid of me. I told her to go ahead and do the bext customer and try again. We did this 3 to 4 times. I made her call the manager at home as she said she was scared to call him. I explained the situation and importance. He did not apologize for the issue or even try to make uo for the issue. I had to repeatedly ask for why is this a consistant issue with the company. As well as now I have cash that I am to walk a few miles back with as I already feel unsafe. I asked and was denied an apology good customer service coupon. He finally stated for me to put my name and number down and he would contacted me when he arrived at the store next. He has never contacted me.

May 29, 2018

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